Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Day, Another Steampunk attempt

Today I kept working with the Steampunk outfit. I don't think I've ever put so much effort into something that's given me so much trouble, usually I give up by now. I think either I'm getting more mature, or realistically, I have had enough successes with this to overcome my feeling of failure.
Looking over the outfit in it's closer to finished state I had to admit the white blouse simply wasn't working. It was just too baggy in all the wrong places (Mainly the bust, you could have literally lost an eye from those bad boys). It was also adding extra bulk at the waist, and just an overall poor fit. Biting the bullet I decided to get another pattern, and make something new. Looking though my collection I pulled out one made by Mattel for Vintage Barbie. I know, again it's going to be a weird fit since the body I'm working is still smaller busted, but I've had greater success tweaking those patterns to fit, so I'm risking it. It went together well, but it was still a little baggy, understandable though. This pattern had different darts. Instead of meeting at a point at the middle of the fabric and expanding out to the seams, this one gathered to a point at the seams. Never seen that bef ore, like I said I'm a beginner, so it's common to see new things. I even added the sleeves and everything. But I'm still struggling with the collar. Really not sure what to do with it, I think I'm going to have to keep doing some trial and error.

While I was re-evaluating my failure with the shirt, I also had to admit the addition of the underskirt was adding more bulk to the waist. It was just too much at that point. But I couldn't easily take it away, it added to the fullness of the skirt, and the over all look. Instead I decided to drop it lower on the waist, or realistically the hip. There it's able to stay up, add to the fullness of the skirt and, keep the bulk at the waist down. I tried it with the one I had, it looked good, but there wasn't enough underskirt waistband material to reach around the hips. While this was frustrating, there is an easy fix, just make a new one. So I did, but this time I made it with the white eyelet material as the lace hem. It now matches the armbands and the collar. I also took the sides in a little, so it contours better to Charlotte's body. I think it's cute, but it actually might be a little too long, so I might actually have to make it again, not that big of an issue, they go together pretty quick!
That's all that happened today, I didn't even reinforce the armbands, maybe another day? Who knows, or maybe I'll just go insane from this project. Honestly, that's more likely.

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