Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Plus and Minus Day

Well, Yesterday I got some stuff done, but not enough. I actually made a sock monkey. I bought these "cutsey" sock months ago in the mindset to make them and sell on Etsy, but I never did it (I never think what I make is worth selling) so they've been kicking around. But yesterday I was finally putting some stuff away when I realized that I should just do it. So I made one, figured out some issues that I was having, so it came out pretty decent. I guess that I can make sock monkeys pretty much for fun. I think I still have one pair of those type of socks left before they're done. And good riddance!
I also repaired a shirt of mine that I ripped the seam out of, that was simple, just take it in another short seam, nothing too drastic, although I think that shirt has a limited shelf life. I noticed there's some stress going on on the seams that I took in, so I may have to get rid of it. I should be getting new shirts anyway since my weight loss most of my clothes are too big. Even when I take them in, they really don't fit the best.
I also finished a pleated skirt that was kicking around and needed to have a waistband added, and some stitches removed. Made a different skirt, but the fabric was too fraytastic, so I may just toss it. It didn't turn out anyway I'd want it. I also tweaked a pattern to make it longer. When I get white thread, hopefully I'll be able to make a cute blouse for Charlotte. Fingers crossed!

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