Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The bodice again... and again... and probably again later...

I haven't just been working on the Steampunk dress and those Ceder satchels. I've also been working some dresses for Barbie. What you should know is once I find a pattern that works I adapt the heck out of it and reuse, reuse, reuse. I really like that Bodice pattern from that Barbie in Japan book. It's basically flat construction and goes together with very few stitches.

On your right is a simple bodice and skirt, it's a pretty direct use of the pattern. This was more of a test to try and use that tulip fabric that I purchased at the second hand store. You never really know a lot about a fabric until you actually use it. I learned that this fabric is super thin. Like almost sheer thin, which I'm not sure what to do with it. It's very cute, so I may end up making something for the Chatty's from it. It might be easier since their seams are bigger and less likely to get sucked into the sewing machine. It's a cute dress, but I can't think who would ever wear it. I think this is one destined for the "dressing donated dolls" pile. Like I said it's cute, but not something I would really use. Also for some reason, sometimes when I make that bodice it fits the Vintage girls fine, and other times it barely fits the BB body. This is one of those times. It's practically skin tight on the BB body. I think the issue I have with this is the seams, I have to be more careful and make them a little smaller. But that's for another day.

On your left is that same bodice, but this time I actually changed something about the skirt. I made it out of the same pink broadcloth as the Garden party dress. I was originally go with black, when I remembered that I was low on black thread. Also I've used very little of this pink cloth, so I figured I should give it a try. Now this outfit was made with trying to capture a look. Recently Chelle from The House of Mouse (www.dashausdermaus.blogspot.com) posted a music video. I took a gander and while I wasn't an instant fan of the music one of the girl's dress was certainly eye catching. It had a layered skirt, originally I though it was a layered tiered skirt, but it was an overlay. Thinking I could give it a go, I tried it. I took the usual skirt pattern and basically halved it, then I took it again and trimmed it off. So then I had two smaller skirts. I hemmed them, and then sewed them together with the gathering thread. It's very cute, but it wasn't until I got to the point where I going to add the straps when it hit me. It's got a bit of an 80's vibe going on. So I omitted the straps. Once again, not totally sure what I'm going to do with it, but I did reuse the pattern to make the skirt and underskirt for the steampunk outfit. So it wasn't a total loss.

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