Friday, July 30, 2010

Chester and the Beast

It was a bit of a break with sewing today. It wasn't a choice, there just was something much more pressing on my plate today. Today we took Chester to the vet.

It wasn't for a regular check-up (although he got that too), it was something a bit more icky. He's been having some issues with his one of his eyes. *Gross Alert* For the past few days he's been having some puss building up in it. We tried to keep it cleaned out, but it would return again. *Gross Alert Over* Initially we waited to see if it would get better on it's own, because it looked like it was getting better on it's own, and it didn't seem to be causing him any problems, but it wasn't getting better on it's own. So we made his appointment.

Getting him into the cat carrier was the easier part. He meowed loudly and frequently the entire way there, which was heart breaking. I wish I could reassure him that we were just doing it to make him better, but I couldn't. But in a side note he was meowing much clearer than he used to. When he was younger when he'd meow it wouldn't come out very clearly. But I guess when he's worried it's better, because he was meowing a storm.
Thankfully it's only a short drive to the vet from the house, also thankfully it was pretty empty inside. Just a lady with her small dog. Not that shocking since it was 11:30 on a weekday. Once in the waiting room, Chester stopped meowing so frequently, I guess he was curious to his surroundings. I'm sure he was getting a lot more smells there then he was used to at home. It was pretty uneventful until a man came out of the exam room with his dog. His big jumpy dog, and his son, who was much less jumpy.
This big old Marmmduke dog was jumpy like Pach, but bigger than Chap. He was more interested in the other dog, and the people he could see, and didn't even realize Chester was in the room... That is until Chester meowed. That's when the dog realized the cat was there and tried to come over and visit. He wasn't violent, just curious. I kept my foot in between the dog and the cat carrier, just in case the dog got too close.
But he didn't, his owner really tried to keep him in check. Although he did manage to get off his leash, which was in part to that it was really loose on him. But he was more interested in something other than Chester, so he didn't come over. My dad actually ended up holding the dog's leash for a while when the man was trying to pay. He was going to have the son do it, but the kid was in the bathroom, although I would doubt the kid could hold him, the man barely could, and the kid was like, 5 or 6. But they did admire Chester. Saying how pretty he was and how nice he meow was. The boy even put his fingers in the carrier to pet him. If I was him I wouldn't do that, but I didn't say anything. Chester's pretty good about strangers, he's never been one to just lash out. So I knew the kid would be fine, I just love when strangers admire my baby.
After they left we finally got into the actual exam room, which was really tiny. Like no joke, it was a glorified broom closet. We were finally able to let the cat out, although he wanted no part of what was going on up on the exam table. My Dad had to hold in down on the table as the vet examined him. The first thing he did, check Chester's temperature, and the cat actually didn't flip out when he did it. I know I would have. He also did a quick check up before he got to his eye. (Commenting on Chester's dirty ears, but then noting he didn't have bugs, he must just like digging in the dirt.) When he was done commenting on my Baby's hygiene, he then took a tissue and cleaned it. So, what we've been doing was right! But then he made his discovery... Chester... had a leaf stuck on the inside of his eye, on top of his third (internal) eyelid. That's what was causing the eye issues!
It was go gross when he took it out. it was like 1/2 inch tall, pretty big for inside a cat's eye. While that was icky, and I feel bad for him, we are actually super lucky, if the leaf had been caught under Chester's third eyelid, he would have blinded himself in less than 24 hours. Just from it scratching against his eye as he blinked. Right now, he just had some irritation that would go away.
He meowed all the way home again, and couldn't be happier to get out of the cage. I opened the cage outside, but he wanted to come inside with me. He's been staying close to home all day. I think he's happy that his eye's not bothering him anymore. I'm just glad he's all right,, and I'm so happy he's better.

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