Sunday, July 18, 2010

Christmas in July!

Did you know that simplicity makes a pattern for Blythe? I just found this out today. It's number is 2353, if you're interested. It's new, and I really hope Hobby lobby has them on sale soon, if they do I'll totally snag a copy, or two, depends on how many they have (So I can resell my extras, muhahahaha!). I don't have a Blythe, but I could tweak the patterns to fit Momoko or Skipper. I hope they have them, and that they go on sale, that would be great! I also have a fake Blythe, so I could make her a hat! How exciting, I'm tingling.
This is sort of a lead in to the reasoning behind today's blog title. You see, I was talking about this with my Mom, and I got talking about the one thing missing from Chatty Cathy's wardrobe, a Christmas dress. She said there was one she always had an idea for, a cute Christmas girl dress. Jotting down what she said revealed we basically had the same ideas, just different colors, (Her's was a green/cream combo, mine was red and green.) also I wanted a collar on mine, she didn't have one on hers. So going back into my sewing room, I decided to make a Christmas dress for Chatty Cathy. I didn't have the right colors, but I just wanted to do it. For mine I wanted to use red velvet for the bodice and a Christmas plaid that I actually had. So I decided to use the red calico that I had gotten at Hobby Lobby. I complained about them not having it, and then all I use it for is a thin waistband of a handkerchief skirt for Cindy Sad Eyes, what a brat I am. So I was going to use it, and use a chunk of it. It was at this point I decided to not make it into a dress, I would make a shirt and a skirt, that way I was creating more redressing options later. The Chatties wardrobe consists of mainly that. Lots of mix and match pieces, I did that intentionally, so that they would have more options (especially when I didn't think they'd get a lot of wardrobe options).
I made the shirt first, since it was the hardest, might as well start with it. It actually came out pretty well. I haven't sewed anything for the Chatties since last September, but I guess I've improved. I still made some errors, but it went together well, and looks better than some of the earlier attempts. She's wearing it now, I added three snaps in the back. I got a new sheet of snaps, but I'm trying to use up all of the ones I have kicking around. The biggest issue I had was when I was making the sleeves I used the wrong pattern piece for the arm cuff. It was a simple fix, just tear it out and add the right piece. I labeled the right one, so the next time I make it, this won't happen.
For the skirt I used a linen Christmas plaid that I've had since Christmas. I have a love/hate relationship with this fabric. I got it because it's a cute plaid that is more in scale for the dolls than most. I hate it because it stains. When I first got it, I made Charlotte's holiday dress. It was a simple jumper with a white shirt under it. She wore it for a little bit, deciding to redress her I found that it was leaving red on the shirt, and two parts of her hands that were touching it also had a redder tinge. It's not too noticeable, but as everyone should know, Charlotte has a very quick turn around with costumes. Imagine the damage if she wasn't wearing a shirt under it, had been in it longer, and was made out of a more porous material than all hard plastic. So that fabric has been banished to it's own area, and everything made from it gets soaked in boiling water with salt. Right now her skirt is sitting outside drying, I left it soaking overnight.
I also made a black belt to cover the waistband of the skirt, and make it more like a dress. I also soaked this, because I used the black linen I had that also stains. I'm never planning on it having it touch her skin, but I'd rather err on the side of caution.
So Chatty Cathy has new clothes! Hopefully I'll be able to apply what I learned, (and relearned) when I get the fabrics I want to use when making their actual Christmas dresses. Oh! Maybe I can make a Halloween costume next! I just have to figure out what I want to make for them.

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