Sunday, July 25, 2010

A day full of firsts!

Today I finally got around to reinforcing the seams and adding a snap on the Chatty Cathy blue jeans. And that's where I ran into my first first of the day. It's the first time I used a thimble! I was thinking about how hard it's going to be to try and get the needle though all that fabric, so I was trying to think of how to do that. *Lightbulb* how about that thimble that I got on Monday? Sure enough, it worked. Looking it up I found out that's what thimbles are for. I. never. knew. that.

Please keep all giggles and laughs to yourself until the end of the post. You need to realize that I'm basically self taught. I'd taken a sewing class in college, but basically that was about sewing a straight stitch. And while I did work in a costume shop, that was basically do what the boss tells you and you do it. There was very little thinking on my own required. I did love that job, I just wish I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten more out it that way. But, I don't have anyone to teach me, nobody to ask questions to. My mother doesn't sew, and I don't think that my Aunts or Grandmother have sewn anything for quite a number of years. So basically in my family I have the most knowledge on the subject, which really make moments like these possible.

Did you know that July is make and mend month? (this list is swiped totally from New Vintage Lady's blog, you should give it a read it's cool!)

*Use fabric you already have for any new project.
*Alter a current pattern for a new garment.
*Repair/Mend 3 things from your ‘fix’ pile.
*Repurpose at least one piece of fabric.
*Make something for someone else.

Looking over their requirements I realized that I tend to do most of those things anyway. But I'm cheating a little since I'm sewing for dolls and they don't need a lot of fabric. Plus I'm cheap so I tend to re-use my stuff a lot. The one thing missing was "make something for someone else." and I decided to knock that one out of the park today! On Monday during our travels we were looking for some Cedar things. We need to put some down in some drawers in the basement to keep the icky bugs out. At Lowes they wanted 5 dollars for a bag with like 20 marble sized balls of it. Not a good price. At the tractor supply store spending that much got us a really big bag of cedar chips used for pet bedding. The only issue is that it came in a big bag, and we'd have to do something to keep it all nice and contained.
Getting over that hump I decided to make some satchels and fill them with the cedar chips. It's finally time to sew something for somebody other than the dolls. It was also good that I was able to use some of the fabric that I've been lugging around for almost a year now. Back when I was just buying stuff that looked cool compared to what I could actually use I got saddled with some fabric. It was shiny and beautiful, but frayed liked no tomorrow. Going through my pile of fabric I would find other pieces just covered in threads from it, and don't even get me started on how to sew with it, not happening. Thankfully this used up most of it, so it's a mute point.
I ended up making 14 of them this afternoon, and except for one bag that my brother filled with the cedar chips I did them all. Nobody else had anything to do with them. But I also found out another new thing. Look at the picture... looooooook at it, just do it. It's a blanket stitch, I found out how to do that! I figured it out during the first one, and got lots of practice doing it for the rest of them. It was actually pretty simple. (Keep in mind I'm learning all this on my own.)
They are now done and I'm thankful for it. Hopefully I won't have to do another project like that for a while. Even though it's relatively mindless it's still annoying since it's well... mindless.

And jumping back to lightbulbs I broke one today. I was doing my workout and was flailing my arms accordingly. My right hand hit the pull chain on my ceiling lamp. Since it's a tacky crystal it took to swinging. Bouncing around the fan it twisted around and conked into the bulb and out it went. I'm just lucky it didn't break. I stopped my workout then since my hand hurt and I needed to get a new bulb. Luckily it was just a light bulb that was broken and not the whole thing. I think I'll have to be more careful from now on.

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