Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ellen Francis

(*Quick note* The doll in the picture is not Ellen Francis, just one that kind of looks similar.)
This is a slightly different post, since it's about a doll I don't own. It's not one I could buy, but one that I've looked at since child hood. Her name; Ellen Francis, her location; My Grandmother's dining room.
Tucked away in a gun cabinet that's been converted into a display case she sits. Surrounded by other delicate things, some other dolls, My Grandparent's 25th anniversary presents (This year they celebrated their 60th), and others. She's held that same position for as long as I can remember. Looking back I was always memorized by her milky complextion, her rosebud lips, her dazzling blue eyes, and blond hair. I was never allowed to touch her (but I did a few times in secret!) But she's always been something to look at and admire.
Ellen Francis is named after the little girl who originally owned her, Ellen Francis Luke. I'm not totally sure the exact linage Ms. Luke is to my Grandmother, but I really should ask. She is a lovely Armand Marsaille's doll, although I forget the exact type she is. Next time we're up in CT, I'll have to go though and take a peek at her shoulder plate, and write down the info. I should also ask my Grandmother if she has a picture of the original Ellen Francis, it would be nice to have it with the doll, so she can remember the little girl who so tenderly dressed her.
Maybe I'm so interested in Ellen Francis due to my own mortality. Here is a doll that has certainly outlived it's original owner. Will any of my dolls do that? Will they end up in some display case where people will wonder about who played with them? Or are they destined for the trash one day, never to be seen again? I do wonder about those things. But that's enough musings for one post.
One day I hope to be the care giver to Ellen Francis. Although I'd have to get a special case for her. All of my dolls are plastic, so they bounce, she's porcelain, and doesn't. And I would never want anything to happen to her. I just know that she would be happy here, and I'd hold her in a special regard. But I'm willing to wait many years for her, many, many years.

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