Friday, July 9, 2010

Garden Party...ish?

On Thursday I asked the next time my father went to the store if I could go with him so we could mosey off to Hobby Lobby so I could get some much needed Red Broadcloth (and better white thread) he offered to take me that night when he was going out. I declined, but regretted it immediately. But he offered again the next morning, and I jumped at the chance. All it cost me was sitting in the car for an hour, it was hot, but doable.
At Hobby Lobby they did not have ANY red broadcloth, the closest was Maroon. So I passed. Instead I got some Pink Broadcloth, white thread (yay!) and some Eyelet trim. I used the 40 percent off coupon, and got the yard of Broadcloth for 1.20. Saved me 80 cents, big spender, right? I've wanted to make a copy of Barbie's "Garden Party" for a while now and with a Pattern I got I finally could.
Skipping my workout (it's too hot to work out) I got to work. The skirt went together actually pretty well, I was surprised. The bodice on the other hand... I gave up and threw it out. Does anyone know how you're supposed to use tulle for lining? It says to do it, but never says how. Anyway, I ended up using the Barbie in Japan bodice that for some reason works really well. I added a little ribbon, and it came out really cute. No idea who's going to wear it though, but I really want to put in on someone, it's just tricky. All the girls that could wear it, I'm happy with what they're wearing, and all the girls who's clothing I don't like don't work well with the style. Sigh, I cannot win.
P.S. I hope I get a follower soon, would love to know that someone's reading this.

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