Saturday, July 10, 2010

Have you met Joe (Duke)

Since all that I've shown has been girls, now it's time to switch gears and show off a man. Presenting Joe, my favorite male doll. He's also the doll I've had the longest. I've had Joe for longer than I've had any other toy, even including Charlotte.
Let me start at the beginning. I received Joe from my uncle Charlie way back when. I assume it was a way to combat (get it combat?) my playing with Barbie. But... jokes on them, he just became Barbie's main squeeze! I remember having two kens growing up, and they both were pretty goofy and well... pretty. Joe was rugged and a nice counter balance for the frilly girlyness that is Barbie. I still have him, and continue to play with him, just like how I still play with Barbie, still like him, so thanks for that. I managed to lose him a lot in my childhood, but I always managed to have to returned back to me. Most recently when my parents moved, I took Charlotte to school with me, and I gave Joe to Ian to bring down to North Carolina, and forgot about it. Complaining to him how I only had Charlotte, Ian reminded me that he had Joe and gave him back to me. Fate!
My Joe has green camouflage on his face and his body, when you put him out in the sunlight he's supposed to have purple camouflage show up too, but I only remember seeing it happen once in my lifetime. Now where it's supposed to be the plastic has darkened, so I guess it won't be happening any time soon. Joe has been though a lot, he's had his crotch broken, his toes chewed, and had a variety of wives. He would always be paired up with whoever was "favorite" at that time. (Growing up, I had several favorites, usually their term ended when their necks broke, before I knew how to rebody them.) But I know how to now, so Charlotte's been around the longest. They also have kids together, when I was going though that parent phase. So if something ever happens to Charlotte, Joe's decided to be a single dad, and not continue on with the tradition of being paired with whoever is favorite, and I respect his wishes.
Joe lives on the "named dolls" shelf, to the Left of Charlotte's chair. He's the only toy I have at the moment that I allow to have a weapon, tucked away in his waistband in a knife. He's always going to be my little warrior. He's been rebodied onto a newer body, that didn't have the camouflage on the torso and arms, also it was a lot less swingy. The only other issue is, now that Charlotte has the fashionista body (love, love, love it!) Joe seems a little... stiff. I had a body with better articulation, but when I did a head swap I failed to realize that the newer bodies are shorter. Joe looked really odd, and he was no longer taller than Charlotte, so it was a very short lived experiment. So, I'd be up for suggestions as to what I could do to get a nice articulated body for Joe that wouldn't take away any height, or body mass. I like how wide he is at the shoulders and torso. Ideally, some sort of arm swap would be the best and most ideal. Long story short, I love my Joe, and I'm glad he's here to stay.

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