Friday, July 9, 2010

Have you met P.J.? She's a Groovy Girl who stole Midge's Face!

Here is something you might not know about me. With my Vintage Barbie collection I try to collect one of each vintage friend. So far I have Barbie, Ken, Allen, Midge, Skipper, Skooter, Rickey, and Stacey. It's a start, and only recently have I started branching out beyond the Vintage to Mod dolls. I found a decent priced P.J. on, but wasn't able to buy it before someone else did. BUT, I was able to trade with the wonderful Cindy from KY, from in the Pink forum for a P.J. head! All it cost me was a pair of brown Ken boots, that I wasn't using. I also traded her a Ken shirt that I made. (The first thing that I was confident enough to trade for!) For that she traded me a pair of Barbie saddle shoes, a cute mod coat, and the outfit from the Brandon 90120 doll. (A sweet Bowling shirt, that fits Joe, and some nice jeans.) So I really raked it in! Although, I don't have the Bowling shirt on anyone, the coat and the shoes got claimed the second I opened the package.
Once they arrived I had an issue, I really have a hard time dressing the mod dolls. I'm more a fan of the 1950's style of doll clothes. Most everyone usually stays in that era. But I like having the Mod dolls be in more time accurate clothes. Usually I make their clothes, actually right now only 7 Vintage dolls are wearing clothing I didn't make for them, 14 are fully dressed by me. I guess I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to their clothes. Luckily I wanted to use the coat that Cindy sent me, it was just too mod to pass up! Unfortunately, it had a lot of colors, so I couldn't just thow anything on her that I wanted to, under the coat. Taking the t-shirt pattern I (once again) tweaked it and made it into a sexy sheath dress. I added a matching necklace, and some blue strappy heels. I put her hair back into the ponytail that it should be, and added some mod sunglasses. And I love it!
From the title you should guess that P.J and Midge share the same facemold, just different hair and makeup. And when P.J. arrived she stole the fashion queen's body. She's a bit of a klepto. But we had an intervention, and she's promised to go straight, hopefully she'll keep her hand out of the cookie jar, and remain here for many, many years.

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