Wednesday, July 14, 2010

*Do you love me?*

I needed to add a photo of Chatty Cathy after to show people what I did to fix her up. So here is one. Back when I got her, she got photographed a lot. For the most part every time I made something I took pictures. Part of the, she needs everything, so it's all new to her mentality. Here she is in a Dotted Swiss collared shirt and matching jumper. I made them separate just so I had more clothing options, plus I knew I could make them, since I used the pattern before. It's one for the American girls dolls. You know, I'd always wanted an American Girl (Molly was my favorite) but now that I have Chatty I have no desire any longer? She can wear most of their clothes, but her feet are bigger than theirs. So finding shoes are a pain. She has about 4 pairs of shoes, and none of them really fit. Two pairs are too large, one pair is too small, and one is kind of poorly made. But she makes do, she's Daddy's little trooper.
I haven't make any new clothes for them in a while. I really haven't found anything that I felt they needed. Maybe if they get new shoes I'd make something else. They now have a pretty large clothing closet, since I was so into making clothes for them. I think they don't need me to sew anything for them, but if I find something they need, I would defiantly get it, and tailor it if needed. I am always on the hunt for shoes.
When writing this I did realize something they do need. Cathy needs a Christmas dress, something fancy that she can wear during the holidays. I'll just have to be careful since Red is well known for staining plastic, and I wouldn't want her to get hurt! Also they really need an actual storage pace for their clothes. Right now it's just a cardboard box that I rigged to clasp closed. It's way too full, and everything is jammed in. I should see if I can find a cute little trunk for their doll clothes. But time will tell for what happens, but to answer your question, Yes Chatty Cathy, I love you.

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