Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here's what I did with the Calico fabric!

I'm actually a little bit behind on my postings, although I posted quite a bit yesterday. The problem is, those were old posts that I added, and updated. Right now I need to post pictures of a cape, pants, and skirt. But that's not on the agenda for right now.
This post is about Stacey, Barbie's English friend. I had wanted one for a while, but like always never found one. Finally I broke down and got one off ebay. Actually it was a lot with the Stacey head, a Barbie body, a pair of Barbie shoes, plus a cardboard Barbie chair. Why the seller didn't stick the head on the body, I will never know. Anyway, when I got her, that's what I did. But the issue is, Stacey was just too mature with that body. It was how I call it, "Va, va, va, boobs!" I read how you could take a modern Barbie body and modify the neck post to accommodate a vintage head. So that's what I did. It's not perfect, so she may end up going back to a vintage body, but it works for now. She has an issue with her head being yellow, which is a pretty common issue for the Mod doll's heads. I tried bleaching it in the sun to a more neutral white, but it didn't work. She also needs a re-root since her hair has been hacked at. It's hard to tell from the picture, but she has like a cap of shorter hair at the top of her head, and the longer hair is in the back. Also the hair on top has oxidized to a yummy honey blond color, while the bottom part is still platinum. When I do get to re-rooting, I'm going to go with the honey blond, I really like that color.
But Stacey had a problem, I did not know how to dress her. She needed something, sexy, but not too sexy. I found a picture of Audrey Hepburn (a fashion icon) wearing a 50's style sundress, that I wanted to use for inspiration. The issue was I had no cute 50's fabric. I could not win. Although I made a couple mock ups to see how it would look after I found the right fabric. But Hobby Lobby delivered! It's also super soft, but I don't have a whole lot left. But anyway, using the Barbie in Japan bodice, I added a pleated skirt (Sorry Megan!) followed by a neck strap. Finally I gathered the fabric at the center of the bust. For accessories, I added a pair of black high heeled sandals and a gold charm bracelet. Figured going simple was the best way to go. I like how it came out, and the best part, if I do decide to put Stacey back on a vintage body, the bodice can be tweaked to fit the bigger bust. So she's going to be wearing that outfit for a while.

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