Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weak knees with an even weaker will..

Well, I got a new fashionista today. I finally broke down and got one of the second series. I had wanted to get one with the newer knee joints for Charlotte. Also Charlotte's arm joint was getting a little swingy, so I was thinking about switching and getting rid of two birds one stone.
I'd never had a doll with the new knee joints before, at this point all Mattel has used it for was the Pivotal dolls, which are out of my price range, so I was interested in seeing how they worked. I had asked about them on the In the Pink Barbie forum, but didn't receive a totally satisfactory response. I think it was something that I'd have to have in hand before I decided if it was a good thing or not.
In good news, the legs are pretty, and offer a lot of new poses that the old legs could not. They can ever cross their legs, in a much more dignified manner. And on the bad side, they're actually pretty loose from the get go. They tend to shift around on their own, causing some very inhuman posing. Also, if you grab the doll by her lower legs, she will immediately fall back. Now, I don't always grab my dolls like that, but I think I do it often enough to have it be an annoying problem. Especially with Charlotte, since I do sometimes grab her legs to look at how the outfit I'm creating works on her. So I was already thinking it was a no go, but then I placed Charlotte and the new doll side by side and that is what cinched it. The body I got was noticeably paler than Charlotte's skin tone. There's no way that would have worked.
So Charlotte's staying with on her original fashionista body. It's not a total wash out, because I looked at the picture of the Vanessa head that I'm waiting for (She got shipped yesterday!) and it looks like it might match. I'm not totally sure because with each picture the skin tone looks different. Sometimes it's ivory pale, and others it's a somewhat tan, and every shade in between. I'll have to see how it looks when it's in hand. Finger's crossed that it works. If it doesn't not really sure who will get the new body. I really don't have a lot of dolls that use the modern neck joints. Excluding the Silkstones (who are all way too pale) I have 10 dolls that use that style. Three of which are already on fashionista bodies. And the most of the remaining one's aren't the correct shade, especially the blue one. It may work for my Cinderella doll, but I'm not that interested in re-boding her. I'd prefer to do it for Mary Claire, but she's more of a pink tone than the body. But I'm sure I'll find someone that it will work for. I just hope that it won't come to be searching though the collection for a match. Keep your fingers crossed, please!
Now, I had to get the doll at Walmart, (the only shopping place in Asheboro... sigh) and they had a limited selection. They mostly had the first line of the dolls. And when I was there I noticed that some of the second line still had the swing knee joint of the first line. I didn't know that they were still using it. It's even odder when you know that by the end of the production of the first line they had started using the pivotal knee joint in some of them. So that meant my options were limited. While I liked the outfit on one doll, she had tights on, and I couldn't see her knee joint. And honestly, when will I use zebra print tights? I ended up picked the doll on top due to the fact that A; I could see her knees, B; I liked her shoe mold (although they were in an annoying pink color) and C; I didn't hate her outfit. The top might look cute paired with shorts. He box was pretty smashed in on the side, but she was fine, and really, I was just going to throw the box out myself when I got home, so it wasn't s big issue. When I opened her, that's when I had another surprise. The top and the skirt was attached. How annoying. I had to take some seams out and add a snap to the skirt, but now they're two separate pieces. I also eliminated the strip of fabric underwear in the skirt. It was just not working for me. If it's that immodest, I'll add a real pair of underwear under them. But at this point I doubt the skirt is going to get much wear in the collection. I have nothing to pair it with. Also, the fashionista body has molded on underwear, so they're always covered. The top's pretty cute, but I'm still not sure what to pair it with. Maybe it's destined for the bag of things nobody wears. Either way I was happy I could tweak them. They have a greater chance apart then they did together.
Anybody want a fashionista head?

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