Friday, July 23, 2010

I hate scanners, I really do, and they hate me

So remember those patterns I purchased a few days ago? From Hobby Lobby? So I actually wanted to make some of those. I had looked though my small (by comparison) pattern collection and realized, I hadn't made things from most of what I already had. Most of the patterns I use are from the Barbie CD, ones found online, or that modified t-shirt pattern. Back when I started sewing, and truly appreciating Hobby Lobby's 99 cent sales I would buy whatever doll patterns they had.
This wasn't so bad for Barbie, since altogether the main pattern makers only had about a half dozen Barbie patterns among them. But the American Girls dolls had a lot more. Also they were a lot of really specialized ones. Ones that I have no plan on ever making. Now that I'm a little more seasoned I can actaully look at the patterns and decide if I'd ever make anything from it. That's why I walked away with only six patterns, and one of those were a double.
But with the patterns I have an issue with cutting out the delicate tissue paper that they're made of. Frugal me hates using those patterns, it's so high risk. One mistake and it's a waste. Since I constantly make mistakes I usually copy them down to paper and use the paper one instead. That allows me room for error, plus it lets me make things over and over again. Once I find something that works I stick with it. Just in the t-shirt pattern alone there's 24 dolls wearing it. That's not even including the outfits I've made that aren't being worn.
So I figured I'd scan the patterns into the computer. That way I have it for posterity, so I can print it out and keep it. So I started with the Blythe pattern. Since it's for a sized doll I use, I thought I'd use the pattern the most, especially if I can get it to fit Skipper or Momoko. Also I wanted to scan all of it. With the American Girls patterns I only wanted to make pieces from each one, but I still brought down their patterns to scan too. That was the easy part.
It's known that the scanner does not scan in real size. It automatically expands it, much to my annoyance. It also has a nasty habit of expanding pictures to full page for printing. Cut to me, running around screaming at it. So I thought I'd putz with it and get it to stop doing that. Now the scanners are not mine, it's my parents. But I have used them before, so the programs should be installed on my laptop. Bringing it down, I plugged it in, did a test scan... nothing. So I tried a few things... nothing. I ended up uninstalling the program, and tried to have it reinstall. Nothing, it wouldn't even reinstall. What a crock. ALSO it uninstalled the other printer hardware that I had on there, WHAT??? Why on earth would you do that?
So breaking down I borrowed my Mom's laptop and her scanner and set up shop in the dining room, since it's got the biggest table. My first goal was trying to get the scanner to scan in real size. I could simply not find the settings to adjust this. Dear HP, please make a scan to real size button, it should not be this hard. Especially since I'm not that computer illiterate, I'm actually pretty savvy with it... usually... I finally managed to do it, but it might actually still be scanning too large, not really sure about that.
With that down it was time to start scanning the actual pattern. I'm going to gloss over most of this, there's no need to relive that mess. It took me over three hours to scan 34 pieces, and the most of them were at least 2 on a page. That's including rescanning a bunch after the computer shut down, and a lot when it scanned in the wrong file extension. I should not have to fight with the scanner that much. At that point I was so hot and sweaty (No AC in the dining room) I decided I was done. I just got the Blythe clothes done, and none of the American Girls patterns. At that point I didn't even care. I should not have to fight this much. I hate scanners but they are a necessary evil, but still evil.

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