Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I think I'm begining to cool on this blog thing again

Here I am again, no new picture because I haven't done anything worth of one. In the past few days I've made a skirt, pants, and a dress. This is Honey, she looks the same now as this picture, but she now has a new skirt.

Skirt: A simple, pleated, white, long skirt. I made this before, but it was out of some loose fabric, so it didn't hold the pleats well. I tried fixing it, but it just made it worse. Giving up on that I just remade it out of broadcloth. It came out pretty decent, but time will tell how the pleats hold. I didn't do a wash with the glue, I just left them. Hopefully they will stay. I made it for my Vintage Blond Midge (Honey). She's now dressed again, yay!

Pants: More Simple white pants. Once again, I made these before, but since I've gotten "better" I needed to make them so they fit better. The other pair I couldn't even get to close in the back on Allen. Which sucked. But I remade them, they're still not perfect, I need practice on the inseam of pants, but I am getting better. Now Allen has pants that doesn't show off his butt. Win!

Dress: This was an experiment, I wanted another Lady Gaga outfit (yes a fourth!) but I wanted it to be "cute" Lady Gaga. Remembering the bodice pattern I had from Barbie In Japan, I thought I could make it, and attach a short pleated skirt to it, make it sexy, sassy, but not to revealing. It ended up being more cocktail dressy than any of that. But I liked it. Not sure how I'll use it, but I did end up adding spans. It's kind of tight, so it will probably tear out the stitches sooner or later, but it works for now. Also it's pink, but I used gray thread to make it. Right now Stacey is wearing it, hopefully I'll be able to make something cute for her to wear.

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