Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm a domestic God? Nah, just domestic...

Today didn't start off with any doll sewing. On my plate I had a pillow that the dog had torn the corner out of.

My father had been taking to bringing the dog in during the hotter parts of the day. (Here in North Carolina, it gets hot... a lot!) He had started doing it a week or so ago when the dog was sick. At that time all he did was lay on the floor, resting. Deciding to be nice to the dog since it was so hot, he did it again. But this time the dog was well enough to get into mischief. So we now had a pillow with practically one of the corners torn out. So they did what always happens with something that needs mending, they called me. Originally I thought I wouldn't do it, but them I remembered that they do so much for me, and ask very little. Plus it wouldn't kill me to work on my mending skills.
So I took it and decided it was an easy patch job. I still had the fabric out that I used for the remote control caddy, so I used that. I looked though my fabric stash first, but I didn't have any matching fabric, so I had to go the embellished route anyway. Using a simple straight line of stitching I made a simple corner. Then I just tacked it down by hand. It was a pretty simple fix. I would hardly call it a perfect solution, but we hardly have company, so it will do. And if the Queen decides to visit, we've got more things to worry about than one pillow having one corner a different color. I mean what would the dolls wear? They'd all have to go formal, and sewing that many dresses may kill me. So if I ever have the queen visit I might have to ask for dress donations. But we can cross that bridge if we come to it.
When I was showing off what I did, I got the suggestion to add patches at all four corners and that it would look intentional, but I was quick to squash that idea. They're lucky I did one patch, much less three other decorative patches. I really don't enjoy doing mend work, but it's a necessary evil. Anyway I couldn't do that even if I wanted to, since I was out of that fabric.
I had finally used it up by making more cedar satchels. I know I was just complaining about them, then I go and make more. Well you see, when I was searching for suitable fabric for the remote control caddy, I found another piece of that fray happy fabric in another color. At that point I was on a MISSION TO GET RID OF IT! When you cart that fabric from North Carolina to Maine to North Carolina you really think about the odds of you using it. Basically I was just moving it around to get to the fabric I was actually using. This way I was able to get rid of it for good, and free up the space for more fabric that I might actually use.
Also I wanted to further hone my blanket stitch. Now that I can do it, it's actually pretty fun, I'll be tucking that skill away for later. Oh! I also used that thick white thread on it. You may remember me talking about it earlier, I can't use it on the sewing machine, it's too thick and it just tears the fabric. This way I get use it, and I don't waste the thread that I use in the sewing machine. And it actually it works pretty good for doing the blanket stitch, so that's a happy accident. Making more statchel's was good because I needed some of them for the upstairs hall closet. I'm doing a little house re-orginization, so I needed to put some in there to keep the linens gaurded against bugs. Now my parents have a bag full of them, and I kept three to put in the closet, I also have them three more out of the six I made. As of right now I've made twenty of those things. So now that project is done, unless I find more of that gosh darn fabric. And I hope that will never happen.
Right now I'm having some issues, I feel a little stuck in my sewing projects. I just don't know what to do. Sure I have dolls I need to re-dress, but I just don't know where to start. I just don't have a project I want to start, sure, I make things, but other than the Steampunk outfit I don't have an idea who is going to wear it. Even Charlotte's feeling the burden of this "dry spell" she's been wearing project after project and nothing ever for very long, my poor little Princess. I hope to get over this soon, maybe I should pick a doll and just work with her until I'm happy with how she's dressed. A new focus will really help me get over this hump and back into making clothes for who I want. Any suggestions for who I pick?

No pictures today, sorry folks!

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