Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I've got a yen for Ken!

The title comes from the Song "Ken" from Barbie Sings. Anyway this is a re-post, and part of my "Before and After" series. Where I get something new (to me) post a before picture, and post an after shot too. So here we go! This is all about vintage Ken! I actually got him (last year) before Chatty Cathy, but when she joined the family, he got the back burner. He was at that same second hand shop too, different stall though. He's a #2 painted hair brunette ken, in ok...ish condition. I had been looking into getting a blond ken and getting him repainted as a brunette. For you see, my Mom's had a ken from her childhood. This Ken was "hers" and not her sisters, and meant a lot to her. But over time Ken went away, so I figured I could get one and dub it hers. But that project never panned out.
There's some issues with this ken, so I couldn't use him. He's faded on his arms, legs, and head, which is understandable, in 2011 he's going to be 50, which is quite a feat. But he's missing his thumbs which is not cool. Not sure what to do about that. That's how he looked when I got him. He's wearing some homemade jeans and that's his original beach top. All that came home for ten bucks. Since then he got a good washing, but the problem was that I had no clothes that fit him, all my Vintage Ken clothes are on Vintage Kens (mostly Allen's) and modern clothes are too big on him. Modern ken's been working out (Barbie loves muscles!), so this guys been stuck wearing an undershirt, boxers, and a pink bathrobe (sorry!) But shortly after I got him I also got a pair of sneakers, so he'll at least have shoes!

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