Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I've got a yen for Ken! Part II

I've manged to hold on to this White shirt/short set forever. It was actually designed to be Barbie, but I've managed to stretched the heck out of it. This was back when G.I. Joe needed clothes, I had none, and it was pretty manly, so he got it. From a childhood of playing, it was actually pretty stained, but I washed it and a lot of them came out. Not sure what the fabric is, but I need more clothes like it! Except that it frays, there's some runs in it, but they don't detract. I had to replace the elastic in them, still not totally sure how that works, but they stay up! I had some older elastic there from a much earlier fixing, but it was not doing it's job. The socks came from the HSM Ryan kilt doll. I found him at Walmart with the desire to give the kilt to G.I. Joe, but Joe is so much bigger than Ryan that the Kilt looked like a skirt, so Barbie took it. (Like always) His jacket turned out to be a decent fit for Vintage Ken, so they took they, and they also got his shoes. Ryan was in the collection for a but, but he didn't last long. He's in the spare box in the closet, doomed to stay. He was ok, but Emile Heirsh (Sp) came a few weeks later and was a better fit, so he got Ryan's place. So adios, Ryan! Anyway, these are the shoes I bought the same time as Chatty Cathy. The Barbie there is one of the Number one Reproductions from Mattel's "My Favorite Doll" line. From the first line I have the Number one Repro, The Bubblecut, The TNT, and The Superstar. The only ones I missed were the Malibu Barbie (not a huge fan of her), and the last one, the Barbie and the Rockers doll. And both the Doll and the Extra outfit aren't impressive to me. With both of them I'd rather get the actual dolls than a repro. I'm hoping to branch out into the Malibu world sooner than later. I'd just have to find some.


  1. I always thought that you weren't a fan of Malibu Barbies. I can't remember the era when they were most popular, but I feel like you said once that you had a dislike for it.

  2. You're right, I'm not a fan of Malibu Barbies, but they starting to grow on me. Plus I like having a wide net in my collection, so they technically belong, but I think they will be the most recent dolls I collect.