Monday, July 19, 2010

*Let's get some shoes* Part I

Today was a day full of shopping, which you know , J'adore, J'adore.
Remember how I mentioned the simplicity Blythe patterns? Well, guess what was on sale this week at Hobby Lobby? That's right simplicity patterns! I swear I must be psychic sometimes. 99 cents for them, what a deal! I arranged to go yesterday since I needed some other stuff.
While I was out I was so bad! We just had to stop at Goodwill. We almost made it out of the store, but then I spotted a bag with some stuff. It was hard to tell, but I saw a Barbie (her hair was covering her face) an 80's Skipper, some trolls, and A RANDOM HAND. It was attached to something, but I could not shift the stuff around to see what. With my curiosity burning we just had to get it. Besides it was only three dollars and I liked the dress that Barbie was wearing. When I got the car I tore the bag open. Skipper's hair was a mess, not that I cared. The Barbie was a superstar, that I knew. The dress was super cute, but at the side it was beginning to just shred. There's nothing I can do, it's just the fabric is just shredding. I think I'm going to fray check the holes and leave them. They're mostly on the side, so I can ignore them. I have to fix up the doll, but she had her original superstar earrings, pretty cool. But her hair's a mess and on her right hand all her fingers have been cut off, why do kids do that? But I can re-body her. Right now the dress is soaking in some Oxyclean. It had stains. I took of the sad green ribbon, I couldn't save that, so I will replace it. I'm going to hand wash it, then fix the holes. Not sure who will wear it. It's really pretty, but only fits the larger busted girls. Sorry Charlotte!
Back to the mystery hand. It belonged to this made in China Mermaid doll. It's about 3" tall and permanently seated. It has shocking pink hair. I've already brushed it out and it's going to live in the bathroom, or I might just re-donate it, depends on how I like it. There was also this purple bug thing with curly hair. No clue what it is, and I couldn't find any makers mark. I do not like it, and I don't plan on keeping it. Not sure if I'm even going to try to brush it's hair, that thing is creepy.
Now on to the trolls, I used to collect trolls, so I have a small spot in my heart for them. But that was a long time ago, and I don't have any of them anymore. I don't plan on starting another collection. In the bag there were five trolls. One was a Russ, the rest were inexpensive cheap ones. My aunt collects trolls, so we're going to eventually send them to her. The one with purple hair has some scratch marks on it's face, so we won't send that one. I'm going to make in an elf costume and use it for a Christmas decoration. The Yellow haired troll in the bottom row I'm going to keep. I used to have a troll like it that I loved, so it's a reminder of that one. Not sure where he's gong to go live though. The one with the t-shirt and gray hair had the exact hair color as my father. I don't think he was that pleased that it got noticed, sorry Pops! That's all I got at Goodwill, my father got a book though. Stay tuned for Part II! (Maybe that one will actually get to Hobby Lobby since it's the reason we went out.)

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