Monday, July 19, 2010

*Let's get some shoes* Part II

I've decided to gloss over the visit to Lowes and the Farm supply store. All that we got there were some ground wasp killer and ceder chips. Oh, chores how wonderful.
Anyway, Hobby Lobby, my home away from home. Since Simplicity patterns were all on sale I figured I should see what American Girl sized patterns I was missing, turns out all of them. I had apparently only purchased Barbie sized sewing patterns, but no American girl ones. I looked through their online catalog, and picked only 4 that I liked. I guess now I'm able to be a bit more picky than wanting every pattern that they make for American Girl dolls. When looking though the McCalls patterns I have, I wonder what I was thinking when I got them. Will I ever make some of these things? EVER? I mean, soccer clothes, really? But these patterns I'd actually want to make, so I wrote them down, and even wrote a short description next to it, so I remembered what it was when I was in the store. Then I promptly lost the list. As of writing this I haven't found it yet. Either way I looked them up again and made that list again.
Anyway in the store they had ALL the patterns I wanted! So I was pretty psyched, they even had two copies of the Blythe pattern, so I got both of them. Coming soon to my dollpage, a brand new Blythe pattern. After finding the patterns (I made a b line to them so that I'd get them asap!)
I looked through the fabrics. I was trying to find some nice Steampunk looking cloth. Ideally it would be a dark brown with stripes. They had nothing like that. Instead I got dark brown with black leaves on it, I also got some brown broadcloth. 1/2 yard of the pattern, since it was expensive and I didn't know if I'll use it all and one full yard of the broadcloth. I also got another yard of white eyelet. (remember that) I thought it was on sale for 30 percent off, but the girl writing up the slip didn't think so. Whatever, it was only a 60 cents cost. I also got a spool of red ribbon since it was half off. I looked for any other ribbon that might work for the steampunk project, but no such luck.
That was all for the fabric section. I also trolled the jewelry for a cameo that would work for Barbie, but they had nothing at all. At this point I was worried, I had the 40 percent off coupon, but nothing that I could use it on. Everything I bought was already on sale. Thankfully my father found some spray paint he needed to use it for. Phew! Taking bets to how much it cost while waiting in line my Dad guessed 28 dollars, I guessed 23. The total? 23.23. That's how good I am.
While we were waiting in line, I saw a woman come in with a BJD. It was weird, I've never seen people carrying dolls around in public like that. I know I'm one to talk, but I've always found some BJD owner's a little intense. I hope she wasn't going after the Blythe patterns, because I got them both! Stay tuned for part III, and it's the final part!

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