Tuesday, July 20, 2010

*Let's get some shoes* Part III

This is the final part, I promise. I'm sure you're sick about my shopping trip. So while leaving Hobby Lobby I thought of the Christian Second Hand store nearby. It's a bit of a trip, so we rarely go. But I thought about going, and sure enough off we go. It's a bit more run down than the Goodwill, but those are the best places to go, makes it a real challenge.
They had a bunch of porcelain doll, which are so not my thing. I would buy a porcelain doll if; it was vintage, like Ellen Francis, or I was just planning on stealing it's clothes for someone else. Those are the only real ways I would do it. Usually those dolls are so cheap they're tacky. I just don't understand how people would think they would be good for decorating. I find them pretty unappealing all over. They also had some Barbies, but they were charging 4 dollars for them. Can you say rip off? You can get a new Barbie for 6 at Wal-mart. But whatever, they were all ones that I didn't want anyways.Seeing that the toys were a waste of time I decided to check their clothing selection. Nothing to wear, but I wanted to see if they had any made from interesting fabrics. I did not find any fabric to use for my Steampunk project. Not terribly surprised, but I still tried. But I did manage to find some random fabric scraps. I found one of a Navy blue with small white dots, with some larger gold dots in circles. It's hard to explain, look at the picture for what I mean. I also found a cute white cotton with tulips on it. Neither had a price on it, but I took the chance and decided to get them, couldn't be more than a dollar. Nope, they ended up being 50 cents each, so double win! When I got home I unrolled them, I have about a half yard of the navy, and about a yard and a half of the tulips, but it's cut out like someone was trying to make it into a shirt. It's cut in at the sides, and there's a head hole in the center, it's bizarre.

I also looked though their craft section, it was really a mess, but I did find some stuff. I grabbed a bag of misc stuff and decided to get it. I could see a thimble, a tape measure-er, and some straight pins, all of which I needed. Looking at it at home it turns out it's part of a fashion designer kit that was cheaply made, and missing the coolest stuff. The straight pins, made for children, are dreadfully dull. But I can use the Thimble, tape measure-er, and the little scissors that came with it. In hindsight I would probably should have left it at the store. And then there was another misc bag, this one was more promising. But look at it, just look at it. Did you see it? Did you see all that white eyelet material? Almost the same type that I just spent 2 dollars for a yard at Hobby Lobby? Now I have sever yards of it for a dollar. It also came with a bunch of lace too, So I have that. Not sure what to do with that, but at least I have it.
That's all I got there. My Dad got another book, a biography, but I forget who it's about as of writing. So, we go up for checking out, and the woman ringing us out asks me, "Oh, are you a designer?" I detest when people make comments on my purchases. I've become better at talking to them, but I still hate it. "No lady, I make doll clothes, so Barbie's not naked. Designer, pssh." that's what I thought. A simple yes was my reply. "You going to be on Project Runway some day?" *cheep, cheep* (Crickets) "Lady, I'd never be caught dead on project runway, unless it was a doll design challenge. I would never want to be judged harshly on something I do for fun." Real reply, "You never know!"... yeah I do know. NO WAY! I got all that for three bucks, so I get some awkward chatting was due for a karma payout. But now I just have to decide what to do with all this stuff. ~End~

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