Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meet Ashley!

Figured I should start off introducing people. First up is Ashley. She is a 1977 Superstar Barbie that I re-bodied on a newer BB body.
A little History; I received Ashley in a random Barbie lot that I won off E-bay. I didn't buy it because of her, but somehow when I took her out of the box we clicked and I just "liked" her. She was dirty, and missing an arm. Like it had been literally torn off. This was before I was doing re-bodies, so I stuck a spare, non matching arm with her (it also came from the E-bay lot). After I learn to swap bodies she got a belly button body, and we've never looked back. She's since switched to a closer matching one. We tried a fashionista body, but Ashely has a very pink skin tone, and the fashionistas are all tan, so she went back to her older body.
She's one of two Superstar face molds in my collection. I find that I love the face mold, but never really click with it, so out of 70+ dolls, only her and Charlotte have that type of face mold. I think it's because they have smaller eyes. After the 70's Mattel got really big with the eye paint on the Superstar face mold, and that's a little too inhuman (weird, I know).
Right now she's second in command, and if anything ever happened to Charlotte, Ashley would step in and take her place. Even though Ashley is a summery airhead Blond, she's willing to take the task. Since she has a name and a back story she's currently on the "named" shelf on my bookshelf. Sitting on a Bench (that I made!) in a Jason Wu School girl type uniform, she's my little Sunshine, and always manages to bring a smile to my face.

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