Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Little Dutch Bo... Girl?

Okay, let me start of this post with a new rule for me. I am limiting myself to two blog postings a day. This is beneficial becasue A; It will get me sewing more than talking about it, B; I'm less likely to get burned out on posting. C; You're less likely to get burned out on reading. and D; My life really isn't that exciting to be posting all the time. So this way I can post twice, which allows me to talk enough about my day and if I need to write more I can, but just not post it. That way I can make a surplus and if I don't feel like posting one day, BOOM! new content! What do you think?

Anyway enough talking about my new plan and get down to some actual sewing talk!
Today I was looking at my Second Chatty Cathy. I really liked the white shirt combo with the blue bow. It's very 18th century young boy, and it worked for her, and her hair. But I did not like the blue jean/red high tops that she was rocking. Since they only have one pair of pants between them, there's only one way to fix this, pull out the handy dandy sewing machine!
I took out the pattern that I used for that one pair of jeans, but I had to tweak it. The jeans are really low on the waist. It doesn't help that they Chatty Cathy's are a little pot bellied (but I love them for who they are!) So I added some paper on the pattern to fix that. Then I got to the actual fabric section.

I decided to use the black broadcloth, since black goes with everything. The sewing went together pretty simply, making doll pants are pretty easy to me. Well at least for what I'm looking for. It actually turned out there's too much fabric at the waist, but that's an easy fix. I decided to make them into breeches, and I ended up adding elastic at the leg hems. This was a lot of trial and error. I remember doing something similar to this back when I was working at school, but it's been years. I used some of the elastic that came in the big bag from the Christian Thrift store. Not sure how old it is, but it's still somewhat stretchy. I still need practice with it, but I actually made them, and they look pretty nice.

Once I finished the pants I got around the looking at the outfit. I tried it on with the newborn socks I have, but they were not the best. I got those back when I was hoping they would fit, but her feet are just a little too small for it, but I still keep them around. If I ever come across a newborn in need of socks I have something to give to them, I guess. So I ended up using the tights that she came dressed in. Their home made, but cute. She also ended up wearing the shoes she came with. Over all I was impressed with it, it's so cute! That's the first picture in this post.

It wasn't for a few hours that I got a little less thrilled with this outfit... hmm... what is it? After looking it up and down a few times I realized it was the shoes. They're a little too ornate for the rest of the outfit, especially since they have pink ribbon accents and the ribbon at her neck is blue. That's when I had to take a deep breath and admit something. I was going to have to try again to make shoes for them. After I said that I had to sit down with my head between my knees and breathe into a paper bag. I had tried to make shoes before with horrible results. Frankenstein's Monster type results. It was so bad I even threw out the pattern, that bad. But now I was older and wiser... well at least older. So I figured I should do another go. It took me about an hour to make the shoes. They are far from perfect, but they certainly will work. They're simple black felt ballet slippers with a strap across. I think they work, and I'm glad because I don't think making shoes is my calling. I'd rather just buy them shoes and work on making their clothes. But you'll never know, maybe I'll become a cobbler. Eep!Since I had the pattern out I also made them a new pair of jeans, a pair that would fit them better. Right now it's on my desk waiting for a snap in the back, but I will get to it. I also need to finish the skirt that I made for them, it just need a snap too. It's a new renaissance of Chatty Cathy clothing!

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