Monday, July 5, 2010

My Spoiled Selfish Wants List

I know it's early to be writing my wants, but I just want to. Plus it'll give me something to look back on and see what I've gotten, and what I still want.


2 More Momokos
2 more Silkstones
12" Han Solo doll
Shoes for Cindy Sad Eyes
Vintage Christie Doll
Vintage Brad Doll
Two Vintage Barbie Bodies
A Vintage Skipper Body
A Fashion Royalty Doll
A Dynamite Girl Doll
Another Vintage Ponytail Barbie - GOT ONE!
A Tuttie/Todd doll
Honey Blond Doll Hair, Titan Doll Hair, and Color change hair
Donnie and Marie's Original Outfits
A Francie Candidate for a Re-root
A Midge Candidate for Re-root

That's about it, (I think) let's see what I get, and what I don't!

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