Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Super Secret to Share with all of you...

Now I didn't want to say anything before just because I didn't want to jinx it.
But I can tell you now since it's a reality.
Wait for it....

Wait for it....

I am going to get a Fashion Royalty doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Aren't you just psyched for me?)
Well, just the head, but that's the most important part. Doll bodies are inconsequential to me, which should be obvious, Charlotte's had like... five bodies before.

But anyway, I've been a closet Fashion Royalty fan for a while. I like them a lot, I find them delightfully interesting, and I wanted to branch out the collection to them, but the biggest issue was their price. It's pretty common to pay over 70 dollars for just a nude doll (And that's on the low end for them). And that don't fly with me. Especially when I'm just getting it to play with, I just can't justify that cost. I guess having Barbie be so inexpensive has spoiled me. I've agonized over getting one for a couple years now. I go though phases where I want one and look around, but never find one that's cost effective enough. I thought just wait until they went on sale to get one. But that never happened, even on sale they were still mind blowing expensive. I couldn't find a website selling nude ones cheap like I have for Momoko, so it would just wait on the back burner, and wait, and wait.

But that all changed the other day. I was logging on to the Doll Show and Sell page, and saw that I had a new message. It was from someone wanting to purchase my extra Blythe pattern. Since I was already there I thought I'd search around and see if there was anything there I wanted. And that's when I saw her... An Aerodynamic Vanessa head for 25 dollars. She was lovely, even with the black lipstick (not a fan). And that price was good for a head, but still I agonized... could I afford it right now? 25 dollars is a lot of money to toss away right now, and that was before shipping. So I passed. I went about business like usual. But it was still nagging me, "Buy me... buy me..." It wouldn't leave me alone, so I decided to see if the seller would accept 20 dollars for it, I guess I can justify 20 better than 25. But when I logged in to ask, she had already lowered the price to 20! Done and done, talk about kismet! I've already sent my Paypal, and she's going to ship it on Friday. I'm so excited.

Since it's just the head, I'm going to have to supply the body. Which isn't a huge deal, I have a supply of them. Ideally I would like to get a fashionista body for her, since I love their poseability, but she's very light skinned, and they've one been issued in tan. So she's going to get a light skinned BB body, my favorite body ever. But that's good because I know I have clothing that works for her. Actual Fashion Royalty bodies are much taller than Barbie, also a whole lot more bustier. They also have left and right feet like the Silkstones, so her shoes options would be limited. Now she can wear any of the shoes the other dolls can.
I'm just so excited! I already know where she's going to live on the bookshelf. She's going to live in the "Named" shelf section. Notable resident's include Charlotte, Joe, and Ashley. Now there's not any free spaces up there, but there's a Vintage Allen doll on that shelf. He's going to be relocating to the Vintage Runoff shelf, and Vanessa will get his spot. I figured we can try this, and if it doesn't work out we can figure something out at a later date.
I'm just so excited! (Can you tell?)

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