Sunday, July 4, 2010

A new pic, since I swiped the camera back!

Here is Charlotte in her, third, read it, third Lady Gaga inspired outfit. This one is based off the picture that I posted yesterday. The other outfits are, a general inspired, high art Lady Gaga, and her outfit from the Video Phone video. I made this one out of red Jersey Knit, adapting a Barbie t-shirt pattern that I've adapted dozens of times. (Seriously, I've used it to make shirts for Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Momoko, Cindy Sad Eyes, Tank Tops, V necks, Dresses and so much more.) Pretty nice for a free online pattern that was made to fit Blythe.
Anyway, originally I made the hood way too small, and now it's a bit too big, but overall it works, so I'm not that upset. I didn't bother taking out all the stabilizer or doing too much with Charlotte's hair, but I wanted to get it done. I changed the belt to a black ribbon and changed the shoes to a red pair. I can't do a total "looks like Gaga", but I like doing homages. That way I can tweak it for my sewing skill short comings. I could have sworn that I had some tights somewhere, but I cannot find them, it's not that big of an issue since they would have added bulk at the waist, and that outfit is tight! I have to do some more things to it, but overall it's done. I think it came out pretty cute.
I wish I could take better pics, some people online just blow me out if the water!

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