Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ok, there is a picture, but I swiped it from online.

As I sit here, I must admit, I cannot work with that thick white thread. It's just far too much for my little darts and little pieces of fabric. I got it to work with most of the blouse, but when it causes trouble it just pulls the fabric. Also it caught the thread into the sewing machine, jamming it a bunch of time. So I think I'm going to have to get some white thread that works. It just sucks because money is tight, so I will have to wait a bunch. I ended up giving up on the blouse due to those issues. Once again I didn't sew anything since I'm not motivated, or in love with any of the fabric I have. Poor Stacey is still sitting over there naked, along with like 3 other dolls. Hopefully soon they will get dressed.
So today all I got done was play video games, and cheat on my diet. I didn't even do my workout because I was getting annoyed. Since I gave up on my white blouse I decided to make Charlotte another Lady Gaga inspired outfit (because two isn't enough.) I drafted the pattern, and got most of it sewn (stabilizer is your friend!) but when it came to adding the hood, I made it way to small, so I'm going to have to tear it out, and make a new one. Live and learn. Hopefully it will look amazing when it's done. I decided I was done sewing for the night when I started getting mad at Charlotte, and that never happens!
Also today we got some fish for the pond out back. Some Koi from a guy my father met at one of the business classes he's been taking. They were itty bitty, and hopefully they will survive, multiply and fill the pond with fish that keep the green scum off top. God Speed little fishies, God speed.

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