Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nothing new, but lots of old

Today I didn't really sew anything new, but I did chop away at the unfinished project drawer. Browsing through I decided to throw away a dress that I never finished, and was never planing to. It was a red checkered dress, and looked like a tablecloth. It wasn't my style, and there was no point actually keeping it. So, in the trash it went.
But I did tweak some other stuff instead of throwing it out. I had a cherry Mattel sundress that had a hole in the bodice that I couldn't repair. It was in a really bad spot too. Taking it apart I salvaged the skirt. It's cute, and that's why it's the picture for today. It has a white waistband, so it's probably going to have to be under whatever shirt it gets paired with.
I also tweaked a pleated skirt. Originally I used Charlotte for my model, and since she's on a BB body, it came out really lose. I decided to take in the snap and it looks so much better, like you have no idea how much better. No idea.
Also, remember the Garden Party dress bodice? Well, I've made that before in baby blue broadcloth. I made a practice one, followed by a real one. Cinderella got the better one. But I kept the first one. Today I tore out some of the stitches, replaced the skirt, sewed up the back, added snaps, and added new straps. I fitted it for the Vintage gals, but if I wanted a newer girl to wear it, I'd just have to tack the bust in the back a little. It's cute, not sure who's going to wear it yet.
I also made another red turtle neck shirt, but I made it on the sewing machine with stabilizer. Haven't done that before for Barbie shirts. I need to tweak the pattern some, it was really tight. I ended up giving it to Becky (Francie body) and taking the one she had on. It was another red shirt, but this one was too big, so overall I broke even. At this rate I'm going to need more snaps really soon. I'm down to 8, but I do have a couple in the misc. box that I can use. Let's see what happens, I'll keep y'all updated.
P.S. Watched "Gentlemen prefer Blonds" today, what a cute movie. I totally get why the American Public fell in love the Marilyn Monroe. Just Wow!

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