Thursday, July 1, 2010

A retrospective of Yesterday

I think I'll be updating this in the morning, because that's the best time for me.

Yesterday was a day full of being productive, and not. I got some sewing done, it's just tricky since I don't have any fabric that I like. I desire a 50's style cotton print, but have none. :( So I tried making a bodice out of two very slippery fabrics that I bought way back when. I got it done, but before I added the skirt I tried it on. It fits Charlotte (Recent BB body) but could not fit Midge (Vintage body) so I gave up. Not a huge fan of it, plus it wasn't looking as cute as I hoped.

In other news Cindy Sad Eyes got her head back. I had taken it off to soak her hair in Liquid fabric softener and had to wait for the inside to dry. Apparently Horseman stuffed their doll's heads with cotton. So I had to take it all out to do the "downy dunk" after that I had to wait until the inside was dry to replace the cotton. Also the fabric softener really clung to the inside of the head, so I kept having to wash it out. But now she's back, and has a head! This was my first Downy Dunk, so I guess I was expecting too much, but her hair is a bit smoother, and somewhat less straw like. I guess it's a success!

The Picture is Chester, my cat. I finally got it scanned yesterday, so I finally got that done. Hopefully I'll get around to posting pictures of the doll, I mean, that's why I'm writing this!

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