Sunday, July 18, 2010

Should share this, for a variety of reasons.

Here's the underskirt that I made, since it's no longer part of the Steampunk outfit I can share it. I have had this trimming for, well forever. I bought it was back when, right when I started sewing. I got it to use it for something with the Chatty Cathy, but it was too small, but too large for Barbie. But, this use is both practical, and cute. It's a simple white broadcloth skirt with the trim at the border. Threw it together pretty quick, if I do make it again, I'd probably make it shorter, this was hard to find something that was longer than it.

But I did find something! Let me start off with I love this dress. It's a Barbie Wedding dress that I've had forever, and I still love it. People should know I'm not a big dress guy. My collection's main focus is 1950's day wear. Very rarely do they wear dresses, but I find myself always drawn to this dress, but I find the skirt lies a little flat. In the past I've even swiped someone else's white skirt to use as an underskirt. This totally solves this problem. I think this is going to be paired with it forever. So it worked out for the best!

Also this is my first double photo post, I'm learning!

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