Monday, July 26, 2010

Skipper doesn't need to stay in Barbie's Shadow!

Continuing my posts about introducing the dolls in my banner I would like you all to meet Skipper. As of writing this I have 5 Vintage Skippers/friends of Skipper. They're totally cute, but also a pain to dress. Like you have no idea, it's also hard to get shoes that fit. Skipper is one of the reasons why I sew, since I haven't found any recently made doll clothes that fit her. Out of the five I own, I've had to make three of their outfits completely.
But this Skipper also has another thing I've had to do for her, I re-rooted her. She's originally a brunette that I got a long, long time ago. She was scalped and what little hair remained was very damaged. But she also had lovely face paint, so she managed to kick around for a bit. Her biggest issue, she didn't have a body. I'm really not sure how I didn't lose her, but she managed to stick around. After a while she got stuck in the doll re-root drawer, along with Molly and what other unfortunate victims that get trapped there. And that's where she lived for a while.
Back in February I had a chunk of free time that I decided to fill with some re-rooting. I hate doing it, but I love the results. I tend to go though phases where I do it until I get sick of it, then take a huge break from it. This was one of those times, I decided I wanted to finished a doll that I started a while back, but I needed brown hair. And all I had was blond. It was originally purchased to re-root Charlotte, but it was the wrong color, so I never used it. While I waited for the doll hair I ordered to arrive I decided to work on this doll. When I get the urge to re-root it's best to just do it before the desire fades. I used nail polish remover to clear off the brown paint on her scalp and dove right in.
When she was done I was so happy, she looks amazing. Like I said I love the results. It was also with this doll I actually figured out how Mattel rooted the hair on their doll's bangs. Such an invaluable lesson, although I did learn that not every doll is rooted like that. So it's still a crap shoot when doing a vintage doll, but I know I can do it.
I've also made her clothes too. Her clothes actually match another doll in the collection. Another re-root who I completed right before her, even their hair matches! She's wearing this cute sailor-esque outfit, including a sailor hat. The hat is actually made for G.I. Joe, but I swiped it for the dolls. I use it during re-roots since it fits on the Barbie's head without hair and makes them look more completed than they actually are. But now she wears it, when I do more re-roots I'll borrow it again from her.
Since her hair was finished I had to deal with the issue that she had no body. For her clothes fitting she had borrowed Skooter's, but she couldn't keep it, that wouldn't be fair. Placing a post on "In the Pink" Barbie forum yielded me a Skipper body for five dollars, so yay! But then the seller also sent me a Skipper head to go with the body. Nooooooo! I felt terrible stealing that poor girl's body. She also needed a re-root, and I did it, in the brown hair that I had gotten since then. Right now she's in the re-root drawer waiting for a body, and to get her bangs trimmed. But the blond is up on the shelf, and totally beautiful!

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