Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Steampunk take two

Today I sat down with the intention to make some actual strides in my Steampunk project. All I've been doing is thinking about it and working on parts of it that never go anywhere, it was time for that to stop. Since I had an product to work off of, and fabric like I wanted it was time to shut up and do it. This was going to be tricky sincethe only thing that I had finished was the corset. Sure I had made test runs on other aspects of the project, but some part I'd never attempted and others I hadn't made to the point where I actually liked it.
But before I started I took another detour. I had made a Red broadcloth skirt as a stand in for the real skirt. I had also wanted to see how the red would look in the outfit, this
was before I had purchased the brown and black calico pattern. While I liked the skirt it didn't fit within the project. So I had that kicking around, almost finished. A simple back stitch, some seam reinforcement, and a snap completed it. So now I have this sassy little number in the collection.
With that out of the way I got a chance to look at the skirt pattern. I liked it, but there was just something missing, but I couldn't put my finger on it. After a little bit I realized it was the fact that the skirt was a tad too simple. It really is just a gathered skirt, nothing too fancy. To amend this I added a large gathered ruffle at the bottom. It actually looks really good, and gives the skirt an added element that it needed. This addition made another issue arise, you see with the added weight of the ruffle the skirt now was hanging down. So guess who was able to use the underskirt he made? That's right, this guy! I also added a snap to the skirt, so that's the first actual final piece finished. Isn't that exciting?

With that finalized I turned my attention to the armbands. I figured instead of making a long sleeved shirt I'd just add armbands to it. That way if I mess up I won't have ruined an entire shirt, and if I find better fabric it's an easy fix. I'd never made this before so I actually drafted a pattern. The original idea was to add gathered white fabric at the cuffs and leave it at that. That was before I had a bag full of eyelet material, including some small enough to use. I made a quick cylinder of fabric to test the size, after that came one where I attached the eyelet material to it. Another quick tweak and then I was bold enough to actually use the brown calico. The first one came out really nice, the second one is a little too big. Right now they still need to have their extra thread snipped and their seams reinforced. I think I'll adjust the size issue when I finally do that. They needed to be a little big, because of they need to fit over the cuffs of the shirt I'm using. When you see the picture you'll understand.

The white undershirt is a blouse pattern I've been struggling with. It's made for the Vintage dolls, so it's a little baggy for the BB body, since their not as busty. It's actually a tad big for the Vintage dolls too, so it might be an issue with the pattern and not me. But it has the puffy sleeves that I wanted. I already had it, so I didn't have to make something new, which I love. Not sure I like how the collar fits, still not sure how that's going to work. Here it is sewn down, but I don't like it. Not sure if it's going to be sticking around for a bit.

Anyway enough talking, here's the photo. What do you think?

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