Monday, July 19, 2010

There's another one???

Today was about expanding my boundaries into another fabric. Gathering false boldness from my recent successes I decided to make another Chatty Cathy skirt, but this one would be made out of slippery (fake) cream colored polyester. I had purchased it way back when, at the start of my sewing endeavor. Back when I though I could sew any fabric, boy was I wrong. I have a rainbow of colors of this satiny polyester. Black, White, Blue, Red, Purple, maybe more. All I know is that it frays an insane amount and from all my fussing with it, I've managed to make two things out of it, this skirt, and a red top. This piece still have the paper label on it from the Walmart scrap bin, and that means I bought it before last September. So I figured it was high time to use it. For motivation I had a few episodes of Hoarders under my belt. Nothing motivates me better than that show. I refuse to let myself turn into a fabric hoarder. Might as well use it and get more if I like it, and if I don't, at least it was gone.
It was a simple skirt, one that I had made countless times before, and the same one that I had made the day before, but this had another kink added to it. The fabric was just sliding everywhere, not to mention fraying all over the place. By the end of it I was covered in little white threads, as was Chatty Cathy. When it was finished as a giant lump of thread I was forced to give most of the inside seams a heavy coating of fray check. Hopefully that will stop it from coming undone. At this point I haven't added snaps, I did hand reinforce the waistband though. I would have added a snap, but I had just re-dressed Chatty Cathy and was too lazy to change her again.
While I was waiting for the fray check to dry, I figured I should change Chatty Cathy's clothes. She was out of her normal ones for the Christmas outfit photo shoot, but I couldn't very well leave her in those. It's July for Pete sakes! She had been wearing the Dorthy in Oz dress for some time, so I felt she needed something else to wear, even though I love that dress (first piece of clothing I made for Chatty Cathy) she needed something else. I mean, what's the point of all this sewing if I'm going to leave her in one outfit? Since I was doing it for one, figured I should change the clothes on my other Chatty Cathy too.
Yes, I have a second Chatty Cathy, although she gets the short end of the stick. My brunette gets a lot more love from Daddy. I don't even have pictures of the other one. She's a blond, with some severely hacked hair, I could just throttle the child who did that. She cannot talk, and she suffers from the same broken lower body ailment as my other Chatty Cathy, I wonder if that's a design flaw. Like she's being held together with tape. I bought her from E-bay where she was wearing this ornate southern belle dress. It was so not my thing, so when I got her, I decided to free her. Taking off her layers was easy, when I removed her sewn on tights I fond her rocking a pair of large ancient masking tape underwear. I removed that and... her butt fell off. Literally, fell off. So I updated the masking tape layer, and let her stay like that, but she does get re-dressed. I just haven't found what she wants to wear yet. I wish she would tell me. Anyway, since I had her out I was looking at her, like really looking at her for the first time. I analyzed her hair, one side is cut much more aggressively than the other, not a pretty look. So using my mediocre hair skills I putzed around with it. Taking the hair from the right I ignored the part line and put it on the left. It looks much better from the front, you just have to ignore the bald spot in the back. I also ended up taking off her head. I swear sometimes my room is more like a mad scientist's laboratory. That's where I made an interesting discovery. The inside of her head was stuffed full of toilet paper, pink toilet paper no less! (See the picture at the right.) I carefully pulled it out and looked at it all. It was defiantly toilet paper, it even had the serrated edges. So maybe the cotton stuffing in Cindy Sad Eyes isn't factory original. Any ideas why someone would do that?
I still have a hard time dressing her, with her short hair she doesn't do the girly look that the other one seems to stick with. I ended up dressing her in jeans and a white collared shirt. I also took a blue hair ribbon and tied it in a bow around her neck. That looked cute. I think what's going to happen is she's going to be more of a tomboy than the other Chatty. That way she's different, and I can appreciate that. I just need to learn how to make pantaloons. Maybe someday...

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