Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There's something about Percy

This is an introduction, but it's not about a doll! It's about a plant, so I'm progressing.

Back in February I was living in Maine. The winter was harsh (as well as other things), and it was taking a real toll on my mental heath. That's when I decided I needed a plant. Something green and alive that could cheer up my cold bleak surroundings, not to mention the white bleaker walls of my apartment.
I found what I was looking for at The Christmas Tree shop. It was a complete grow your own plant kit, dirt included. I chose a pepper plant becasue it was more interesting than tomatoes and cucumbers. Also, I'd seen tomato plants being grown, they get tall, and I couldn't keep one of those in my apartment. And that's how Percy the Pepper plant was born.
I planted him as soon as I got home, it didn't start off an easy relationship because at first he didn't grow. His tardiness paired with my lack of confidence in my plant growing skills weighed heavily on my mind. But I should have just been more patient. Percy was just taking his time, and I couldn't rush him. Sure enough he started growing.
Each day he seemed taller, and with more leaves. And I was diligent about watering him, and making sure he had enough sunlight in my little apartment. I introduced him to my mom, calling him her little "Grand-plant." I even did the whole talk to your plant thing, which did help me during some of my period of isolation.Percy made the trip back to North Carolina with us. I made sure he rode in the front the entire way. I even brought him indoors when we stopped overnight in Connecticut at my Grandparents'. And I introduced him to my Grandmother as her "Great-Grand-Plant". She laughed, and made me put a coaster under him when I placed him on her washing machine. I think at this point they all understand that I'm a little odd.
The ride down was rough on poor Percy, he got a little droopy, and sad. I think he missed Portland, he was born there after all. But he did make it to North Carolina. I tried to keep him well and watered, but I wasn't so on the ball now. I was unable to keep Percy in my room due to the fact that I didn't get enough sun. So I put him out on the breezeway. When I didn't see him every day I would sometimes forget to water him, which in the hot North Carolina sun, it would be a total detriment. He would droop, and some of his leaves came in deformed, but he kept growing, and I worked harder to remember to water him.
Yesterday was another big step for Percy. I had to admit he was getting too big for the planter that he came in. He needed more room to grow, and I did the best thing I could for him. I planted him outside. He now lives in my parents vegetable garden, but it was still hard letting go. I know it's for the best, but it's still difficult. Now my question is, can you get empty nest syndrome over a plant?

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