Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time for another Doll Introduction!

I need to keep on tabs for this, or else that header is going to be around forever. Unfortunately I've been stalling since, this one doll doesn't have such a back story as other. Not everyone can have such a sordid past, especially when I get them recently and MIB. It was bound to happen. Introducing my Waitress Silkstone. I started collecting Silkstones because they have the essence of the Vintage Barbies, but weren't as expensive. This was back before I had so many vintage dolls, so they were a nice in between. Also, I don't feel so guilty re-dressing them, since they're not so irreplaceable as the Vintage dolls. I've since gotten over that phobia, and have no issues re-dressing the Vintage dolls, as long as I'm cautions with them. Another plus point is while they have larger busts than the BB body, it's smaller than the Vintage bust, so it's easier to redress. So you'll have an easier time dressing them from the same wardrobe as the BB body, than the vintage.
Another reason why I have so many is due to my frugality. While I love my dolls to death (sometimes literally!) I just can't pay that much per doll. The most I've ever paid for a doll is 60 dollars, I've done that twice, once for my MIB Momoko, and the other time for my Ponytail Barbie, and she came with Solo in the Spotlight fashion. So if you're not too picky you could get them pretty cheaply. On average I think I spend about 40 per doll, sometimes MIB, or Nude. I had a few Silkstones before college, but it wasn't until I restarted my collection that they really exploded! When I got back into it, I just had a craving for them. Before I had three, now I have 11. That's including Modern Circle, which used the Silkstone head mold in a soft vinyl. It stands 10 girls and one guy, but I didn't buy him, I got him in a lot of stuff. I'd like to continue this part of the collection, but I'd have to wait until my funds get a little more funded.
Anyway, enough generalized chat about them, this post is about my Waitress Silkstone. She's originally from the career Silkstone line. This was a line of five dolls each portraying a stereotypically female job. There was also a Stewardess, Nurse, Teacher, and French Maid. They were exclusive to an area. The USA, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, and Japan. I think, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. The Waitress was the US exclusive. I guess she wasn't too popular since I was able to pick her up MIB on E-bay several years later for 29.00, plus shipping. The other dolls in the line go for much higher, so it's probably the fact that since she was made for the US it's easier for me to get her here. Her face paint is much more muted than other Silkstones, with a more Vintage feel. Her hair is shorter than most of my Silkstones, but still long enough to work with. She has bangs, and on each side an adorable sausage curl. In all my travels I always try to keep them protected, since she looks great with them, and I can't make hard curls.
She came dressed in a pink waitress uniform. It also had a removable apron, tights, white high heeled Mary Janes, a cute little "cap", and a coffee pot! Right now nobody is wearing it. With that outfit you really need a strong look to pull it off, and nobody else can. Maybe someday. Right now she's wearing some 1950's day wear, but I have a sneaking suspicion she's going to change into something else soon... I'll keep you updated!

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