Thursday, July 22, 2010

Under there? Underwear!

I think my issue with blogging is that I'm getting frustrated with that Steampunk outfit, so right now we're on a break. I took it, bagged it, and placed it in my desk. After that I was lazing about with what to do today, nothing inspired me. I was flipping though my folder of printed Barbie patterns when I stumbled upon a pattern for Barbie underwear. I had made it before with less than stellar results. Thinking it deserved a second chance I though I'd give it a go.
And Presenting;

On your left is my first attempt from a few days ago. Using the pattern I made the underwear out of the light blue patterned calico. What I got was a pair of underwear that didn't have any stretch, and didn't fit the intended doll. I was trying to make Stacey a matching pair of underwear, since the skirt on her sundress was short, and she's not that kind of girl. I then gave her a pair of underwear that I had, so she wasn't flashing anybody. But with the pair I made I couldn't even get them up all the way, her thighs were too big to fit in the leg hole. I had ignored the fact that the underwear should have been made out of a knit so that they could actually fit snugly. I tried it on the smaller dolls; (Skipper and Momoko) they were off at the waist to fit Skipper, but worked as a pair of low rider boy shorts for Momoko. I didn't even bother trying it on Francie since her thighs are similar in size to Barbie. I find that Momoko and Francie are the same height, but their other measurements are very different especially their shoulder and waist. Momoko is much smaller. Finding who they fit done, I set them aside and moved on to other projects. The other day I finally got tired of looking at them , and finally added the snap in the back and reinforced the seams. They look decent, not sure what I'll use them for, but Momoko's always could use underwear, so it's a good pattern to have tucked away for them.
On the right are the new pair. Using white jersey knit (and stabilizer) I threw this pair together. As you can see they fit the BB body. I haven't bothered to add any snaps yet, but I'm sure it will go together pretty simply. The pattern calls for elastic at the waist, but I don't have any thin enough, plus I think using a snap eliminates some of the bulk that gathers at the waist. I haven't tried it on anyone else yet, but I'm sure it will fit a lot of the other dolls too. Did you know that Vintage Ken's waist is very close to the BB Barbie's waist? So they might be getting some underwear too, I'll keep you posted.

*UPDATE* I added the snap and reinforced the seams. The underwear is too big for Vintage Barbie and too low for Vintage Ken. So I may try the original elastic for them, and make it wider if I want to make Ken underwear. But it still fits BB bodies, so that's good.

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