Friday, July 9, 2010

Updates and such

I didn't get too much done today with sewing, but I finally decided on who was going to wear the Garden Party dress. Claiming it was my Vintage Bubblecut with the Missing nose (or Snub nose, as I've dubbed her). She was the first vintage Barbie I ever had, and I was really worried about damaging her further than how I got her, so I ended up housing her at my Grandmother's. Recently with my collection becoming more prominent, and displayed more, I was able to rescue her and bring her to NC. She was also able to change out of the clothes I just stuck her in. For a while she was wearing a white t-shirt, with a lovely green patterned skirt, and a matching head scarf, that I made, but it was time for a change. It was also a cute look for her, but I had to give someone that Garden Party dress, it came out too nicely to not display.
I searched through all the people who could wear it; They needed to have a Vintage body, not be a Mod era doll, and preferably not a Red head (Sorry Midge!) Unfortunately those are some harsh terms, and I have only three dolls that fit that option, out of the 80 altogether that I have. I tried putting it on my ponytail, but I still like having her in her sheath dress, also when she was wearing it, it just looked much too formal, and really didn't work on her. So she gets to stay in the sheath dress.
But it looks lovely on the bubblecut. I added white gloves to it, a matching Pink necklace and bracelet, and some white pumps. I also added a hat, it's too small and doesn't match color wise, but it's too darn cute! She stole her pumps from Charlotte's Videophone outfit, but I'm sure she'll survive. Charlotte always has a pretty quick turnaround for her clothes, in fact she's wearing what came off the bubblecut right now. No shoes though. I think when Fashion Queen comes back into the collection she'll get that outfit. I do like it, I just think that Bubblecut should have something a little more fancy. She was my first Barbie after all.

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