Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Woes of Shopping

Let me start off with the fact that I was trying to be good, for the first time in like... forever. I had eagerly viewed the ad for Hobby Lobby for the upcoming week like a kid opening his Christmas present, but it turned out all it I got was socks and underwear. Calico fabric was on sale still, but I had already passed on most of it the previous weeks. Last week, I was walking around with some of it still on the rolls, and returned it before I got it cut. I had (more than) enough eyelet material, I haven't even used any of the red ribbon I had purchased last week, and they didn't have any other patterns on sale. Basically nothing I wanted and more so, nothing I needed, which is more than enough reason to keep me out of that store.
But then my father called up on Monday and asked if I wanted to go, I held fast and initially declined. Then he asked if I was going to go to look for some things my mother wants. (They had needle art on sale and she does cross stitch.) So I felt obliged to go, since she probably wouldn't go. Not to mention when I pass up going out I tend to regret it after the fact, so I figured I should cut my loses and just go, besides I did need to get some black thread. But that was more of a get soon type of errand.
But I am weak, so very weak, but I did stand strong to my no fabric. Right now I have plenty that I should be using. I walked away from Hobby Lobby without any fabric, ribbons, or trim. Although I did look at all three of those things, I didn't want anything that they had in stock. Especially since I don't have any projects in mind. I did get some black thread (even though it was kind of expensive!). I also got some cross stitch things, although their selection was a little lacking, but I did get somethings, so that should count for something. It was on clearance, which was good, because I have not a lot of knowledge of cross stitch, so if it was the wrong thing I wasn't wasting a lot of money. While I was in the sewing section I picked up some thin elastic. I needed some. I had some a while ago, but it disappeared off somewhere. I have no clue where it went, and I know I didn't use it all. That's been happening a lot lately. I figure it means I have too much crap. Either way, I have some now, so what happened to the other one went is a mute point.
The place that I did the most damage was in the jewelry section. They had certain metal pieces half off, and it killed me. I had looked through the section before with my steampunk project in mind, and didn't find anything that I could apply. But this time I found the most charming antique key charm. It's a little big for the scale, but that works in Steampunk. I just had to have it. Even if it didn't work for her, I was thinking about using it for myself.
Since it was in an aged gold color I had to get some matching chain for it. A while back I realized I had no doll necklaces in my collection. I then proceeded to go though a phase where I made a ton of them. I don't use most of them, but I like having the option. Now that I've built up a surplus of beaded items. I'm beginning to branch out into metal pieces. I already had some tarnished silver chain, but now I have gold as well. I like having it around in case I decide to make something with it. It also was on sale, so it was only 1.50, can't beat that prince. Also in that section I picked up some little cross charms. They were a dollar on sale, so I couldn't pass them up. Also I like using them in my projects. I've made a couple rosaries, so I know I will make them. I think I'll make something with them at some point. I also got some green jade like beads. They were on clearance, so I just had to get them. I've already used them to make a necklace, so I think it was a good purchase. The beads are so rich in color, I love them.So that's what I go. And compared to other shopping trips I actually used most of what I've purchased already. The Key and the chain are now part of the steampunk outfit, I used the elastic, and I used the beads. I'm on a roll!

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