Tuesday, July 13, 2010

*Please take me with you.*

It's time for another Doll introduction! Introducing;.... Chatty Cathy! Chatty and my relationship recently celebrated our one year mark. I bought her last year as an early birthday present. I wasn't intending to get her when I found her. I saw her at the second hand shop a few weeks beforehand. I sent my Mom a pic from my phone (remembering She had one as a kid. Also that exact photo is today's picture!) and forgot about her. When I was looking over my birthday list, I found out some Barbie clothes I wanted from Hong Kong was going to be a total screw job when it comes to shipping. So I had about 15 bucks left after I decided to not get those. That's when I remembered her, she was in ok shape, but cool enough to justify having. But I was really concerned about not having any clothes that fit her, my entire collection is tailored for 1/6 scale. I couldn't let poor Cathy walk around nude! (What would the neighbors think?) Luckily I had purchased some patterns for American Girl dolls from Hobby Lobby when they were on sale for one dollar. McCalls, I think. But anyway, we went back and she was still there, (Not that I was shocked, she was looking rough.) So off she came with us. I also looked at that store for some shoes that might fit her, but to no avail. That's when I got to work on fixing her up. A good scrubbing took most of the black marks off her face, and I put her hair back to where it should be. Her under-bangs are very sparse, and she needed it fixed. Her arms and legs have a lot of paling going on, and she might be missing a tooth? but I love her.
I was worried about switching scales like that with her but it turned out sewing for her is fun! While I like sewing for Barbie, I have bags of stuff for her. I got her back when I was really starting to sew again, and getting her really gave me motivation to learn more and actually try. Cathy now has a small box filled with clothes. For her I learned to sew, and learned to modify clothes. She's picked up a few pairs of shoes, plus a blond haired twin. I've really become attached to my little Chatty Cathy, because she needed me. Which seems to be a trend in my life. Whenever I go to stores I keep my eyes peeled for anything that might work for her. It's fun having another scale to shop for. Since she's a little girl, there's not much competition for what I get for her compared to the Barbies. I'm glad I bought her, best impulse buy ever.

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