Thursday, July 15, 2010

A yearning that draws me in...

A while back when I was living in Portland, Maine I would sometimes stumble into the Public Library. It was a short walk away, and I was interested in seeing it, especially after it's renovations. Since I was sewing for dolls, I would check for doll patterns books. (They had none, although their digital catalog showed they had some. And I promise I was in the right section!) I'm pretty good when it comes to finding books in libraries.
But when I was there I found an unexpected gem, "Threads", a sewing magazine. I figured I could at least apply some of what I read in it to what I was sewing. Most of it was people clothes, woman's too, so it didn't even apply to my own wardrobe. Still I read though it. One particular article caught my eye, it was about vintage sewing machine attachments. You see vintage machines could only do straight stitches. It had none of those fancy settings like modern machines. This was a way to fix that. Using an attachments you could add it to your machine and allow it to do other things! A bunch of them my machine already can do; zig-zag, button holes, etc. But there's a lot that it can't do. They have attachments for gathering and pleating, two add-ons that I would kill for. So I'm deciding to collect them. You can still use them in modern machines if you have an adapter. I'd have to get one first before I even set the money down for an adapter.
You see, I was never sure if sewing was going to be a long term thing for me. Sure I knew how to sew, and I worked doing it at school, but I never really thought I'd do it after that. After all, when school was over I stopped. It wasn't until Chatty Cathy that I really started to sew. Making stuff for me, and learning with it. There wasn't any real need to invest money if it was a passing fad. I even left the sewing machine behind when I moved to Maine, I figured the Cathy's were dressed, so their was no need to keep it, also I was a tad burned out on it. There's only so many "learning mistakes" you can learn before you get tired of it. But I missed it, and I wanted it back. I was only away from it for a few months before I asked for it back. Now it's a great joy to have nearby. And even though I screw up on it a lot, (like really a lot.) I know I'm learning, and it's giving me another challenge to learn and overcome.

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