Sunday, August 22, 2010

All the latest in Fall Fashions!

Taking a small mental break from my Set it Aside Sunday project to post this. I actually did this last Friday, but haven't gotten around to posting it just yet. I would have done it yesterday, but my Sister and her boyfriend were here until 10 last night. We had so much fun together. She, our mother, and I played Tripoli. I lost horribly, I had no chips at all by the end of the game. And I ate so many cupcakes, they're so good!

But I'm off topic, this is a posting about Cindy Sad Eyes new clothing. I forgot to mention in her introductory post that when I moved back home I found a red hankerchief that I had kicking around. There was a period where I tried using them, A la Cinderella, but I never really kept up with it. So I ended up making her another skirt from it. That's what she's wearing in the photos in that earlier post. I had to wait to make it though, since this was one of the reasons why I needed some red cotton fabric. All this is referencing posts made way back at the beginning of this blog. And that's what she's been wearing; White collared shirt, black waistband, and red skirt. It's not really fair that she had such a lacking wardrobe, when Chatty Cathy's was literally busting out of the box. In my defense Chatty's Clothes are made from patterns that I could buy, compared to having to draft everything. Plus Chatty Cathy and I just "clicked". We're a May/December couple. I'm 24 and she's like 40... something.
Cindy Sad Eyes' luck changed last week at the dollar tree. They had some hankerchiefs there in some bold red somewhat floral patterns. I knew that they never would have worked for Barbie, but I think Cindy Sad Eyes was large enough that she could pull of the patterns. I originally left them since I was already getting enough, but I had to go back the next week, and that time I decided to get them. They had other colors, but I think the Red was the nicest. I think they had some blue/green ones and some camouflage type ones. I would have picked up the camouflage ones if the scale was Barbie sized. I want some fabric like that. I want to make Barbie some army type clothes.
Anyway, with my purchases at home it was actually time to make something from it. It's not hard to make a skirt from a hankerchief. It's easier since it's already hemmed for you. I've been making skirts for a long time, so I should be pretty decent at making them, but of course I messed it up, of course. I made the waistband much too narrow. I really need to remember that Cindy's waist needs a larger waistband. But when you're programmed for Barbie, sometimes you need a kick in the pants to break the habit. I also had some of the gathers showing below the waistband. The bane of my existence. At this point I walked away. I was frustrated and just not ready to restart all over again, so I took a bit to clear my mind. When I came back to it, I decided to redo the skirt basically. I had to take the waistband out, and I just threw it out. In the bag of misc stuff from the second hand store there was some red elastic. It was no longer stretchy, but it's ends were finished enough to use as a waistband. That went together so much better than before. I had to fix the back and add a snap and we were done.
Cindy has a wider variety of bottoms, since they are easier to make. I figured it was time to give her another shirt, at least for the variety. I used the red t-shirt that I bought at the store. I wanted to make her a red turtle neck, similar to the one that everyone else has. What I forgot is that the pattern I drafted was actually a scoop neck. So it went much deeper than I wanted. I could have cut my losses and made it into a scoop neck, but stubborn me. I made a collar piece that was way too short and kept fighting with it to get it to work. It was not the smartest call on my part. Eventually I did get it to look okay, if you ignore the back. I think I may take another go at a turtleneck, and keep adapting the pattern. I did write the neck issue on the pattern, so I don't forget again.
That was her first new outfit in months. And when I'm on a roll, I just can't quit. At the second hand store I had purchased this cute blue lined cotton. It just screamed Barbie's Suburban Shopper dress. But when I looked at it next to Barbie it was a little large in it's stripes, although you might see it there sometime. But if it won't work for Barbie... hmmm... So I set out to draft another pattern for Cindy. A simple top with bust darts. I had to make two, since my first one came out a little too short. She's got a really odd torso. She has bosoms, but they're really... small for her chest. It's hard to explain without sounding like a pervert, but they're not really in scale. But she's not really in scale for the most part. I know this was the start of dolls looking like women compared to babies, but she's just odd. So the bust darts aren't perfect. The dress is a little low on top, but I think it's fine. I really like this dress on her. It's what she's wearing right now. Not sure what's next for Cindy, but I do want to make her a Christmas dress. I'll just have to find a fabric first that I wanted to make it from.

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