Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Day, Another Silkstone Introduction!

Another introductory post, another short one since this doll hardly has any back story. Like no joke, no back story, okay looking back after I wrote it she apparently has a lot more back story that I was expecting when I started to write this.

With my Silkstone collection, as with the majority of my collection I have a main emphasis on the dolls, compared to their clothing. When a doll arrives the first thing that happens is I undress them. It's nothing personal, or creepy, I just like having a clean slate for re-dressing. Their clothes might go to someone else in the collection, but the biggest joy I get from the collection is dressing dolls in the clothing I pick for them. Right now five dolls in collection are wearing part of their stock outfits. Everyone else is wearing completely new to them outfits.

It's a good thing that I'm not a stickler for original clothing. Most Vintage Barbie came dressed in swimsuits, it would be a very cold harsh winter for them if that's all they had. Plus only swimsuits would get very boring very fast. But it's good for other parts of the collection too, it means you can get a better price on them.

That's how I got today's introductory doll. A Trench Setter Silkstone. I had put out a call on the In the Pink Barbie forum looking for nude Silkstones. If you're not picky you can pick one up for about 25 dollars, or at least you could a few years ago. Since I had a small selection the odds of getting a repeat was slim. So I ended up with trench setter here. She arrived nude and with another doll, and I set to work. I had a bit of a challenge since the hair on the top of her head was rooted very sparely. With that limiting her options I just put a simple headband in her hair. You'll find that in the collection there's about 5 variations of hairstyles in total.
She had arrived before the era of the sewing machine and all the clothing that had came with it. I've only had the sewing machine for a little less than a year and a half. When we moved to NC I left the majority of my collection (I.E. Random dolls that I amassed) in Connecticut. I still had a semester left of school in NH, and I was getting away from collecting during my college years. I brought Charlotte with me that final semester, keeping her tucked away. After school when I went to NC I started to get back into it. I basically restarted my collection, taking the best from the old collection. But when I first got back into it most of my clothes were in CT, or on a doll I already had. Like no joke, I started with Charlotte, what she was wearing, Joe, what he was wearing, and three dolls I purchased when down here. I ended up buying a small lot of vintage Mommy made clothes off e-bay. Most of it was a miss, but there was a couple hits in it. I got this knitted off the shoulder swimsuit, and a very full yellow skirt. Pairing them together gave me this cute Hungarian village girl look. It was very Gabor looking! Here's an early photograph with her sitting on my brother's G.I. Joe.
She wore that for a while, and while I wasn't terribly in love with it, it certainly worked. It wasn't until a Valentine's Day gift swap with the group that I got what she's been wearing since. I had asked for shoes that Momoko can wear, since my stash is very limited. I got a wonderful package with some shoes, and some great clothing. I think it's from the Kerri Mitchel collection. All I know is that most of it never got to Momoko. Trench Setter took the gold coat and cute skirt. She also took the black shoes that originally came with the top Model Barbie. They do fit Momoko, so they might at some point ask for them back, but they're hers for now! Originally she wore a little black dress under it all for the shirt, but when I was making my black turtlenecks she ended up with one. She's also wearing a necklace that I made out of the hoops I use for jewelery closures. A very early attempt to work with metal compared to beads.
It was when I was changing the dress to the shirt that I noticed something. With her hair... she actually has a side part, that had been combed back. No wonder her hair was so thin on top, she was supposed to have the hair from her part covering that. I wondered if I had accidentally brushed it out, but looking back at that early picture it looks like it's gone there too. I doubt I would have done that, hazard of buying second hand I guess. So I fixed that, it's an easy fix. So that's where she stands right now, on the Silkstone shelf, front row. Just as pretty as the day I got her.

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