Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Introduction here at Aubrey's Mind

I was actually going to save this introduction for another day since the doll's not in the current header, she's actually in the one I've got designed to go up next after I'm done with this one.

Her name is Cindy. She's a vintage Horseman walker Cindy doll. I found her at the Salvation Army in South Portland, Maine. I was there looking for new pants, but I can never resist looking at the toy section at any store like that. Usually places like that are a bust, but sometime you get lucky. I saw her there, on her face, nude. I recognized that she was something of interest before I had even turned her over. She looked very famliar but I really could place her. Judging from her looks and aging I figured she was from the 50's. Even when you don't collect all types of dolls you learn stuff that can help you identify others. I figured for five dollars it wasn't too much of a risk, so she came home with me. While I was there getting her, I was able to justify not getting a twenty five dollar musical snow globe. So she basically saved me twenty dollars.

When I got her home I did some research, that's how I found out her name, and that she is a walker. There's not a lot of information on these dolls, but this is the best website that I found; After I knew who she was it was time to fix her up. It really didn't take much since I don't think she'd been played with much, compared to other dolls. I carefully took her hair down from the odd up-do she'd been wearing for decades, and brushed it down. Her hair has not held up well over time. It's very brittle and straw-like. I try to be very careful when working with it, since I really don't want to have to re-root her. I also took out her earrings. I thought they might be original, but they were just large pearl beads with straight pins. I kept them, but replaced the pins with the earring posts I have. She had a touch of green ear, but nothing too extreme. I hope that the earring posts I used will stop it getting worse, but I'm keeping an eye on it.With that done it was time to dress her. She has a really weird body type, she's definitely a woman, but she has a very short torso and really long legs. I forgot to take this into consideration when making her first skirt, so it's embarrassingly short. I was using some red checkered cloth, that I got for Barbie thinking it was cute but it came off dreadfully table clothy. Luckily it looked much better on Cindy Sad Eyes, and I used most of it up when making her a longer, fuller skirt. Skirts are the easy part, since all it is is a gathered rectangle of fabric. After that I had to draft the shirt. I used the Barbie shirt pattern for a starting point. Instead of hand sewing it, I used the machine. Since the seam allowances are bigger it didn't get pulled into the machine. It went faster, but I wasn't really gung ho about doing it again. But I made more skirts. I had a white Bandanna that I make into a skirt for her. I also made her a black waistband to go around the skirt's waistband. Eventually she got a pair on pants, and another found shirt. It wasn't the correct style, but it fit so she kept it.
And that's where her wardrobe sat. Three skirts, one pair of pants and two shirts. It was hardly the wardrobe of Chatty Cathy, but it was hard since there were no patterns on the market for her. I can draft patterns, but it's such hard work.And the reason for dubbing her Cindy Sad Eyes? When I put her on the shelf, she always had the saddest look in her eyes. Some sort of deep longing, like she was missing someone. I could never get her to look at me, she's always looking though me, as if trying to find someone from long ago. I just hope one day I can make her happy and rename her, Cindy Happy Eyes.

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