Sunday, August 1, 2010

Appearing for the First time on this blog; Momoko!

It's about time I introduce another doll from the banner. I already have the next banner ready to go, so I need to work my way though the ones that are already up there. Now, I must say the majority of my collection consists of Barbie or Mattel products, but I'm not just a one note person. There have been some others that have sneaked past the guards, most of the intruders have been Japanese Dolls. The most recent additions, and most adorable have been Momoko dolls.
Momoko dolls are delightful dolls that I've wanted way back when I saw an little 1 inch by 1 inch picture of them in the now defunct Barbie Bazaar's Barbie in Japan article. I miss that magazine, I really do. Thankfully the internet fills the void that magazine left. This adorable elfish doll's image just burned in my mind, lingering there forever. I tried to remember the doll's name, but over time I forgot it. I could just remember their cute little face. It was so realistic, but stylized.
With their image still stuck in my head I poked around the internet trying to put a face to the name. I found the name, Momoko, it means Peach in Japanese, but once again the issue was that they were so expensive, not something I could afford then (story of my life). And so I made peace with that fact and moved on. Eventually my fund became more existent, but by that time I wasn't doing the doll collecting thing. I took a pretty big break during my college years. I wasn't totally out of it, but I certainly wasn't as into it as I was before. When that time was over I had both the time and energy to devote to doll collecting. And I also had a better place to display them, so I was actually able to look into getting a delicate Momoko.
But enough of the set up, this is about my Akikio. She's actually my forth and as of this posting, most recent Momoko. I purchased her from Barbie in Chiba along with another Momoko, nude. I got a better price that way. And that's better because I really don't dress them in their original clothing. She's originally a Dash After School Momoko that I re-rooted. I got her becasue she was the cheapest, event though I wasn't a fan of her super short haircut. She's one of the reasons why I got my act together to learn re-rooting. I had tried in the past, but I knew with hard work and determination I could do it.
And I did, but, I don't think I'd ever do another Momoko head (famous last words). Their head's are very small, and full of holes. I do love how it made her look though, I know it's only her hair cut and color, but her whole demeanor's changed in my opinion. For a while she was rocking some super long hair, I was too afraid to cut it, after all that hard work. Since then I've trimmed it a bit, but I've still kept it on the longer side, now it's just a bit more manageable.
After I finished re-rooting her, I had the issue of dressing her. Momoko's are incredibly tiny compared to Barbie. I've heard people compare them to Francie dolls, but to me they seem much smaller than Francie, especially in the shoulders and waist. For a while she was stuck with some red tights, a red shirt, and some Pink shoes, (Ick, I know!) But the Momoko's clothing are very limited, so are shoes. They have flat feet, and very delicate ankle joints that can snap! When I got tired of that she had a costume change, which at this point I forget what she was wearing. It wasn't until I drafted the t-shirt pattern into a cute collared dress for Charlotte than I knew it was what she had to wear. Charlotte's dress was blue, so Momoko got one out of red, I guess it's her personal color. It matches her vibrant hair! I paired it with some white knee socks (that I also made to fit her. I love, love, love knee socks, you'll see them a lot in my outfits!) and a pair of red teen skipper loafers. A large over sized bow in her hair completes the outfit. I normally don't go for over scale stuff like that, but here it works. Isn't in totally cute? I just love it!
That's how she looks right now, sitting on a wicker chair like the other Momoko girls. If I get more I'm going to need more chairs, and I do want more. I want so many more, although, she's my favorite Momoko!
Stay tuned for more Meet and Greets, eventually including the three other Momoko girls that share the space.

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