Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back at home in my Mullet-less bedroom

Skipping back to the shopping, to get y'all up to speed; Hobby Lobby was a bust. I had wanted some Holiday fabric, but everything I saw was... not what I wanted. I'm not sure exactly what I wanted, but it was certainly something less gaudy then what they were selling. And when is red fabric with white dots considered holiday? I've seen all their calico patterns, so there was nothing I wanted. I could have used some black calico, but I figured it was more of a hassle to find someone to cut it out for me than just wait to get it when I'm getting other fabric. I found some black velvet in the remnant section, so they must have it somewhere in the store. At this point I'm just going to ask someone where, and you know I hate that.
Walmart had some broadcloth on sale, actually comparable to Hobby Lobby's prices, but it was all solids, and in colors I didn't really need or want, so I left it alone. I think I was just happy enough with my two new dolls, and I wanted to get home and play!
I gave Walk Lively Miss America a quick scrub when I got home. I used a Clorox wipe on her legs, since they were covered in grime. A lot of it came off, but some still sticking to it. I'm sure in time I'll get it all. I also gave her hair a good wash. I'm still on the fence weather or not her hair has been cut. It doesn't really look like how dolls with cut hair usually look, but some parts are short, like her bangs. But it's weird since in the back she has her curls still, and there's no bald spots on her part line. So I don't know. I do know however that her face paint is perfect. She's still naked however. I have other projects that need to be finished before she gets her clothes. I'm only one person, but she's definitely on the fast track for some new clothes.
She may be naked, but she has found her spot in the collection. Originally I was going to put her on the Barbie's dream house couch next too the Malibu, but... I didn't like that. She's just too new. I mean she's 1974, and 1976 is my cut off line for Vintage. I was having issues with Malibu going up there, and she's older than Miss America. I fixed this by moving Stacey from her space on the Vintage Run off Media Bookshelf and putting her in on the couch. This worked because since she's on a new body I don't have to worry about her tearing her knees. Miss America has some issues with her knee plastic. Also Malibu uses Stacey's head mold, so that's a cool connection too. I think that the Vintage Run Off Shelf it going to be where the more recent dolls begin to congregate. That way I can keep the older dolls separate, and when I'm finally forced to get another bookshelf I can break them up into eras! Wouldn't that be exciting, although at this point Vintage (1959-1964) would be the biggest section. There's only six dolls in the Mod section, and only three in the 70's dolls section. But I'm sure that's going to change in time, now that I'm expanding the collection all the time.
Now on to the mystery doll. I knew she was Ideal since it was labeled on her back, and her head, so off to Google I went! There's not a lot of information available about Ideal dolls. Most I could find was about the dolls from the 50's-60's. And they weren't using the Tuesday Taylor body until the 70's. It wasn't until I went back to look at her mold marks that I found something that I could use. On the back of her head had "D.H." written on it. Typing in "Ideal Doll" "D.H." showed that I had a Dorthy Hamill doll. I found a website that was selling her in her stock outfit. Seeing that reminded me of something... I actually had that outfit. I had purchased it many years ago, thinking it was part of the Barbie Sears Olympic outfit. Even thought I found out it wasn't I never found anyone to wear it, but it managed to stick around. Since I had both of them, I was able to reunite a doll with her stock outfit. It was the weirdest thing, kind of a freaky kismet thing going on, I didn't even know it was her outfit until I saw it in the photo. Not sure what will happen to her with shoes, since she has the larger than Barbie Tuesday Taylor feet, but I'm sure she can manage. She's over on the Dregs shelf, but I still need to fix her hair. Thirty years of skipping the hairbrush really shows. She might get a Downy dunk, maybe. Pretty cool huh? Never know what you'll find at the second hand store.

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