Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back into the Swing of things for Set is Aside Sunday!

Here we are at the end of another Sunday, and this time I've got something to share with you my readers. I've once again actually finished something today!
I didn't go back to the failure from last week, that's a doll for another time. This time I worked exclusively with my new to me Walk Lively Miss America. I'm not going to post a before picture, explaining why I picked her to get a makeover, because she wasn't wearing anything before this little adventure. I'm not sure of the recent influx of dolls just hanging out sans clothing, I don't think I live at the Playboy Mansion. Although it would explain the Grotto... and Hugh Hefner... and why I was Playmate of the year for 1985...
Anyway, Miss America needed to some clothes, I mean she is Miss America, and not the Vanessa Williams kind (teasing!). I started with the idea of 70's day wear. I always do day wear, I rarely pick gowns for the dolls. And I must admit I do own a lot of them, I just like casual wear much better for the everyday part of the collection. I also like making it because I have the need. Ask Mattel how many gowns they've made in the past year compared to a cute simple blouse. So off to Google I went. I usually use their image search for ideas, but I would love suggestions for other sites, since sometimes Google is a little bit lackluster.
I found a couple ideas, and I actually liked them. I have a hard time finding 70's fashions that I like, so I did a few sketches before I decided which one to do. I'm keeping the others on file, since with this recent explosion of 70's dolls, I might need more of them soon. What I picked was a long skirt with a ruffle at the bottom, with a puffed sleeve blouse. It had that preppy look I love, but with some needed peasant elements that were nice and 70's. I decided I wanted a print for the skirt with a solid for the top. I still had some of that 70's looking fabric that I used for the Malibu sundress that I never used. It's very 70's, although I need to look for more fabric since it's almost gone, and I don't want to over use it in the collection. I usually try to keep the matching fabrics to a minimum, although there's a few things that are the same. Like right now I realized that Stacey and the new Ponytail are wearing the same fabric and are right next to each other. I'll have to fix that.
I started with the skirt, since it was the easiest. Might as well get that part done before I get too frustrated. I used a pattern from that Barbie in Japan book. It's the skirt from that Black dress I made a while back. it's still way too short to have any nice gathering at the waist, so I added about 2 inches to it. After that I did the ruffled edge and the waistband. Pretty simple stuff. It came out pretty easily, and without any gap-itis in the back!For the shirt I decided to use some Yellow calico that I purchased a few weeks back. I had some yellow broadcloth way back when, and it was the bane of my existence. I don't think I kept anything I made from it. I finally used it up, and then boom, I needed it for a project. This time however I bought calico since it's thicker, and when on sale the same price as broadcloth. Also I think it's a better color too. I never used it for that project so I had it around. I thought it might work for this project, adding some color to the top. It was this, or just use white for the shirt. I tried yellow and it looks much better. The pattern for this is Vintage Barbie, I think it's supposed to be a cowboy shirt. I just used it as the bodice pattern, swapping the sleeves for the cap sleeves I've done before. If it looks familiar it's because I've made it before as an attempt for the Steampunk blouse. I think I still have it, so I may adapt it for something else. It went together pretty quick, I didn't have a lot of issues with the sleeves. I made the collar pattern, since I wanted it to hit all along the neckline. I was originally going to have the shirt open more, but was a little aggressive with cutting away the spare fabric. So instead of having it open as much I made a neck tie for the outfit. I felt it needed something from the pattern on the top of the outfit. I was going to do a hairband of it, but I liked the necktie much better. I may make it again because I'm not totally happy with the outcome, but I may not.For shoes I just used some of the Keri Mitchell sandals that I had. I like them because they fit the Vintage feet, but their sculpt is a little heavy. Usually they just stand in for when I get something better, just like this. That way I'm not obsessing over her shoes, and when a decent pair comes down the line, I can just swap them out.
I'm glad Set is Aside Sunday is back on track!

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