Monday, August 9, 2010

Charlotte's Second Steampunk Dress, take two

So, I took another stab at making this again. Since I had ruined the original dress, I started over from scratch. There was no way that I was going to use any part of the old one, so I cut the entire thing out at the start. Sewing wise, it went together easily, with very few issues. Like I've said, this pattern goes together really simply. I guess I should have never tried to use that old skirt, it was nothing but trouble. I still used the smaller skirt pattern since it was no longer attaching right at the waist to the bodice. Since the bodice continues lower than the waist, and goes over the hips, I didn't want to make the skirt too long. It's a tad flirty, but nothing too extreme. I tried using the same underskirt as the original steampunk outfit, but it was too long, leaving a lot of the under eyelet material showing. So I switched it out for another one that I made earlier that was shorter. One that was too short for the original outfit, so it all worked out. Circle of life and all that junk.

I was able to add snaps last night and finish it. I guess since I've got the idea down in my head and most of the other aspects done it overall goes along much faster. Right now all that this outfit uses from the other one is the shirt, and the key waist chain... thingy. The rest are new parts. So if I really wanted to make a completely separate outfit I'd just have to make those again, which I could, I just wouldn't want to since that shirt gave me so much trouble. But I have more chain, another key, more eyelet material, and white broadcloth. But the important thing is I can do it. I wonder what's next for the Steampunk outfit? It seems even when I say I'm done, I never am.

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