Thursday, August 5, 2010

A continuation of the Steampunk Project

Remember how I was so thrilled to be finally finished with the Steampunk outfit?
Yeah... about that, it's only been like two days, and I'm already working on it again. But, but, but, it's technically something different. I'm just adapting it, to have more variations. The official original outfit is over and done with, and there's no way I'm going back to that.
I started off with thinking that I could do a somewhat with a variation on the skirt. While I was looking though my fabric stash I found a piece that I've had for a while. It's a cute pattern, but a little unusual to use for doll clothes. It's also super soft, I'm pretty sure it's calico. This time instead of the skirt and corset combo I wanted to try something different. Instead of the separate pieces they would be attached, something similar to a jumper. Originally I was going to include shoulder straps, but after seeing the outfit together, they weren't needed, they would just complicate the neckline, and with the ruffled collar and the puffy sleeves, adding another thing was just too much. So I omitted adding the straps.
I also made some armbands in matching fabric, those are the easy parts. They are basically three lines of straight stitching, so they go together really quick. Here's the product as it stands now;But, on a annoying point I don't have any matching thread for this tan color, so I had to use white. It's not a total bummer, but it's certainly not the most ideal situation. You really can see it when I used it on the bodice hem, and the skirt hem.
Speaking of the skirt, I used the same pattern and inspiration for the new one that I used in the original one. I failed to remember that the original skirt sits much lower on the hip than this one, since it's attached at the waist to the bodice. So now it's actually a touch short in my opinion. There was a lot of leg showing. I tried to fix this by making a pair of white pantaloons that would end at the black boots. I even drafted the pattern for it, mixing the top of a Barbie pants pattern with the leg of a Ken pant's pattern. But I really wasn't satisfied with the overall look. They weren't really reading as pantaloons, so I scratched that aspect of the outfit. Not totally sure if I'm going to finish either pieces at this point. I might finish the white pantaloons, and reuse them in other projects, but I'm thinking about scrapping the dress completely. It might come out better if I use a different bodice pattern and a longer skirt pattern, but that might not happen, we'll have to see if I can get motivated enough. I might just write the project off for now.
Bit it wasn't a total loss, making the white pantaloons gave me inspiration. While I like Charlotte's steampunk outfit it is undeniably girly. This is what I planned, so it's hardly a failure, but with steampunk you are allowed to be a little more flexible with genders. So I ended up making another pair of pantaloons in the calico fabric of her original outfit. I then paired it with the rest of her original outfit, minus the skirt and underskirt. I like it, it's pretty sassy! I also ended up using the original corset. The one with issues of fitting in the back. The over sized bow of the finished one looked odd when applying it to pants. It still doesn't attach at the very back, but not sure if I'll make it over. We'll have to see how much use I plan on getting out of it.
Just FYI, the sword Charlotte is rocking belongs to my Brother. I got it for him at a military show, I think it's actually a letter opener. It's pretty sharp, I've actually jabbed myself with it, and it punctured me. There's actually a straw that my brother put on it to keep it contained. I'm using it for another outfit, so I already had it in the collection, so I just borrowed it for this photo shoot.

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