Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Dotted Swiss dies a slow death...

I started off today with putting Vanessa away. I put her in a little black dress that I've had forever. I just need to get her off my mind. I have other dolls that need dressing, and when she wants to tell me what she wants to wear, I'll gladly get it for her. But there's no point anguishing over her, that's really counterproductive, and nothing gets done.
Once she was away, I felt a little better. I was more willing to think of other projects and actually get something done. I guess she was just wearing me down, stuck on how to dress her. I'm sure it would be easier if she didn't have so many things to work with. But that's a project for another day.
Yesterday I started this blouse, using the remaining dotted Swiss fabric. I really miss this fabric, you can tell that I liked it, since I used all of it, keeping the smallest scraps. I wanted to make a blouse from it a while ago, but the pattern I was using was just a hair too wide. This pattern is made for the BB body, so it just fit. It went together pretty easy, I've been getting a lot of practice with sleeves. I still mess up a lot, but I'm understanding why I mess up and how to fix it. I hand stitched in the collar in since I wasn't sure how well I could do it on the machine, but that's not really a big issue. I also did a line down the front of pearls, to simulate buttons. Originally I flip flopped about adding it, but I'm glad I did it. I think it looks cute, and really does add to the look.
With the blouse done it was time to think about what to pair it with. I tried on a blue pleated skirt that I had, and I liked the look, but not the color. I figured as much, so I was already planning on using the red calico to make a red pleated skirt. It was time to make one anyway. I ended up making the waistband wide, and taking it in, so it would sit low on the hips. With that done it was time to sit back and look at it. It's adorable. I really like how it looked, it was just so cute!
The issue is, I wanted to give it to someone in the collection. I like it so much that I want someone to wear it permanently, not just Charlotte who wears something until the next thing comes along. It's a problem because it doesn't fit more than half the dolls. It only fits the dolls with the BB body or similar. It's too tight in the bust for the vintage girls. It's too big for Francie and similar sized dolls. I did find it fits the Silkstones. I've been eying them to see if it would work for anyone, but it's a little cute for them. With their strong makeup, you really need a mature look for them. Right now it's Cinderella's slipper and I'm walking around to see who it clicks for. I've been trying it on all the BB body dolls to see who works. The problem is, most of those dolls are already nicely dressed. Hopefully someone will speak up, asking for it.

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