Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday... meh...

Didn't get much done today at all. I'm feeling a bit lethargic. I'm hoping that the Vanessa head gives me some motivation to get back into the swing of things. But I will have to find that out at a later date, because she hasn't arrived yet. I'm hoping that she shows up tomorrow. I'd really hate waiting all day Sunday for Monday's mail service. But you know me, I hate waiting in general. I just want, want, want her!
I didn't do any sewing this morning because I was expecting to go out grocery shopping (and some other shopping!) I got asked to go around 11, I was dressed pretty quick after that. I don't think we left the house until sometime after 2:30. And like a sucker I waited all that time in between. I have the nasty luck of starting a project and just when I'm getting into it, boom time to leave. So this time I thought to wait... and wait... and wait.
I got to both Goodwill and The Salvation Army today, but they had nothing. The Salvation Army is traditionally a miss, but I still don't rule it out in case something good comes along, this time was another one of those misses. I've had better luck at the Goodwill, but this time as well there was nothing. Still some play line Barbies, but if my Peaches and Cream issue taught me anything I don't need anymore play line dolls. Right now I have to be more selective as to what dolls come home with me. Mainly I should stick with Vintage dolls, compared to getting whatever doll I "like" because once the infatuation ends, I'm stuck with a doll that I don't really want. Case in point, at the Salvation Army they had a Disney Princess Toddler Belle doll. Now I've seen these dolls on Dorrie's blog, and they're really cute. But it's a case of monkey see/monkey do. I get the dolls she likes and they don't click with me. I'm just so interested what she does that I want to copy it. But it never ends well, just ask Princess Leia and that Frankenstein Kelly that I bought. I need to make decisions on what I want, not from what I see other people playing with. So she stayed there, not like I needed another doll to sew for, I mean Cindy Sad Eyes has a really lacking wardrobe.
I skipped going to Hobby Lobby this week. I only need some yellow broadcloth from there and some elastic thread. And while the broadcloth is technically on sale, it's on sale for the price it usually is. So I wasn't too excited to go. I'm hoping that next week's sales are better, although I think I have everything I really want from there. But we'll see. Walmart didn't have anything either. I'm a little sore from being burned from the Fashionista from last week. They didn't have any Barbie clothes I wanted, and I did look. I'm trying to find the new horseback riding outfit, because the boot sculpt is amazing! They didn't have it, but no shock, that store gets nothing quick. Although I did see the new Holiday Barbie, she's pretty and I love her dress. She also has a new hand sculpt, so that's cool. I hope people start getting her and taking pics!
I did end up doing some sewing today, finally trying to get something done. I continued to work on that steampunk dress. Yesterday I got the pantaloons, both white and brown calico, seam reinforced and snapped. I made the top with the bodice pattern. Then to save time I decided to rip the skirt out of the original dress and use it. Big mistake, huge mistake. It wouldn't come out and over the course of a half hour I managed to ruin both the new corset and the old skirt. Oh, I also almost managed to cut my fingertip off. So, not too happy about that.


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